The Capizeños

Sinadya sa Halaran Festival

Sinadya sa Halaran Festival

The Capizeños, among all the Panayanon, more obviously show in thier ways the traits of the Spaniards who settled in thier province as soldier of fortune or as religious missionaries. They are attracted to the latest trends and, more often than not, are quickly drawn to the gayeties of modern life. The Capiceños is more likely to have a mixture of Malayan. Chinese, and Spanish in his ancestry.
The fun-loving and quick Capizenos are particular about thier public apperance, proud of thier ancestry, aristocratic in thier public bearing. Among them are heirs of landed estates, of nobility dating as far back as the Spanish regimeof the gobernadorcillos and capitanes. Deeply religious and hospitable, the Kapizeños are highly sociable and lavish in thier dealing with friends and visitors.
The Capiznons speaks a Hiligaynon dialect that is quite distinct from the dialect of the Iloilo lowlander.

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