Brief History of Filamer Christian College

Filamer Christian Institute (1970's)

Filamer Christian Institute (1970


Filamer Christian College, in a small unpretentious way, was a home for orphans and poor children.

In August 1904, Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Robbins were entrusted with care of three little children. This situation of neglected homeless children touched their hearts which led to the establishment of Capiz Home school, with the first building as a gift from the American Baptist Foreign Mission society.

Miss Margaret Suman joined the work and he school which was designed for girls, had 26 children at the beginning.

After the construction of the New Baptist Home School building, it started to admit boys. The school made progress and the year 1920 was notable for its record in high enrolment of 80 pupils.

In 1949, the school was raised to the high school level. The Capiz Home School became Filamer Christian Institute in 1952. The unusual name of “Filamer” is a combination of Filipino and American in establishing and running this joint venture in Christian education and cooperation.

Filamer Christian College had a complete training up to the College level. Since then, there was no stopping its progress and expansion in terms of its population, the increase in number of professional courses offered, and the acquisition of properties and new buildings.

Year 1983-1984 were trying years, as the institution faced financial problems. With God’s help Filamer emerged strong again as it came under an interior management by Central Philippine University.

It was in 1985 that Filamer Christian Institute became officially known as Filamer Christian College.

Associated with the early history of the school are such unforgettable missionaries as: the Misses Celia Sainz, Margaret Suman, Freida Appel, Emma Nicolet, Mabel Stumpf, Mayme Goldenburg, Irene Dolby, and Arcola Pettit. Then we had Miss Winnifred Stanford who faithfully served the school from 1963 up to 1998. She served as the “spiritual fortress” of these halls for almost 36 years. Ms. Stanford is now serving as Baptist missionary at Minnesota, USA.

Even with the changes in leadership through the years Filamer Christian College has still maintained its three-pronged promise of student development – intellectual, physical, spiritual.


Source: Filamer Christian College

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