Filamer Christian College Celebrates 104th Foundation

 Roxas City – The Filamer Christian College based in this city will be celebrating its 104th Foundation Anniversary Celebration on August 26-29, 2008 with this year’s theme: “FCC @104: Inspired by the Founders’ Legacy, we journey to excellence”.

FCC Board and Trustees and Academic Heads

FCC Board and Trustees and Academic Heads


Filamer Christian College (FCC) was established as a “bamboo” orphanage for girls sometime in August 1904 by the American Missionaries then as a Baptist Home School in 1905 and in 1952 the school was renamed Filamer Christian Institute (FCI) and became a college from 1973 until 1984 with its first Filipino President, the late Dr. Agustin E. Masa. Year 1985, FCI became as officially known as Filamer Christian College (FCC) with Dr. Victor de la Cruz, became its 2nd Filipino President. From 1991 to October 1993, Filamer was run by a Management Committee with Atty. Zacarias D. Bedona, Jr. as Chairman. It was November of 1993 that Dr. Domingo J. Diel, Jr. became President of the school making him 3rd Filipino President. August 2000 to present, the college is headed by Rev. Dr. Expedito A. Seneres, as 4th President of the school.

FCC offers complete education programs from kindergarten to graduate school. At the higher education level, the college has a masteral program and 10 baccalaureate programs. In pursuit of its mission to produce competent and value-laden graduate in nursing, electronics computer engineering, culture & arts, computer science, hotel, restaurant and tourism, teacher and business education through relevant & responsive instruction, production, research and extension services in the province and Western Visayas Island. FCC also envisions of becoming the first University in the province in the near future.

The week long celebration will kick-off on August 27, 2008 with a foot parade to be participated-in by the different academic departments with their respective heads, faculty and staff and students.

College of computer Studies students and faculty joins and supports FCC 104th founders day celeberation parade

College of Computer Studies students and faculty joins and supports FCC 104th Foundation Anniversary Celeberation parade.

The parade along the major streets of this city will be spearheaded by the FCC BOT & Corporations, the College President and other key personnel of the school.

A commemoration service will be held August 26, 2008 a day before the opening salvo to remember and honor the founders’ legacy as the oldest Christian institution in the province of Capiz.

A series of activities will be highlighted from sports competition (Chess, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball & Swimming), Literary-Musical Contest, Quiz Bowls, Dance Sports and Friendship Games with Tri-Media Group, Alumni, PTEA, CEH and CPU Basketball Teams.

We congratulate Filamer Christian College officials, faculty, staff, students and alumni of its 104th Foundation Anniversary Celebration and wish them success in all their endeavors.

by: Adam Jesus Bering

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