Mayor Vic and Rep. Tony just don’t deserve some criticisms

        For all what has been said against them and their respective camps as a result of their seeminglyHon. Vicente B. Bermejo never-ending word war, Roxas City Mayor Vicente Bermejo and Capiz first district Congressman Antonio del Rosario just don’t deserve to be pilloried the way they are now.

        The fact remains that,  through these years,  Mayor Vic and Congressman Tony have done much to  alleviate  the plight of their constituents in Capiz. Despite their perceived shortcomings which are oftentimes blown out of proportions,  one can still see the passion, the eagerness and sincerity in their eyes  to serve the needy and the unfortunate of their brethren.Hon. Antonio A. Del Rosario

        If you listen to some of the reports, the focus is on the negative.  Which is unfortunate because the two officials have been doing a lot of good things which were never highlighted to the hilt  because of their continuing squabble.

        Admittedly, we media people and our respective audience are “suckers” for what is sensational.  We love to focus on the scandals for they titillate our senses more. We love that somebody is being crucified in front of us until we realize how painful it is when be become “targets ourselves.” 

        The picture that media and critics of the two officials is churning out these days is not that palatable. Here, both camps have also their own  share of shortcomings because they are, most often, also the source of such negative issues.

        Like the Culasi reclamation project of Mayor Vicente Bermejo.  Critics have thrown all issues to discredit it even though the project would redound to the benefit of residents there.   Ditto with the skywalk projects of Congressman del Rosario.  Truth to tell, these projects are very good endeavors  but were unfairly judged  because of “bad politics.”

        Indeed, why  focus on the destructive when life would be beautiful, better and our province would  be more progressive when we all espouse the politics’  brighter side?


By: Gerry T. Pagharion


      The Capiz Times

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