Del Rosario hits Bermejo for bringing seized logs to house

For safekeeping,  says Bermejo

ROXAS CITYCapiz first district congressman Antonio del Rosario has criticized Mayor Vicente Bermejo, his ally at the Liberal Party, for bringing  into his house in Barangay Baybay lumber products that were placed under the custody of the city government. The alleged illegally-cut logs were  confiscated four years ago  from the property of PJ Belo in Catao Dam in Panitan.


            In an earlier interview, Bermejo admitted bringing the logs to his house for “safekeeping.”  The logs are intact, he said.


            The congressman  has apparently launched a series of offensive attacks against Bermejo presumably as part of their continuing conflict. 


Informed about  Del Rosario’s  tirade,  a close ally of Bermejo  readily dismissed it as “politically motivated.”


           When asked about the alleged “peace talk” within the LP to pacify him and Bermejo, Del Rosario said: “What peace talk?”

        “We’re talking here of the people’s money,” he said. (GTP)


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3 responses to “Del Rosario hits Bermejo for bringing seized logs to house

  1. bRix21

    a conflict within a group leads to its distructive downfall and may cause the group’s aim to be unreachable… in times like this, may we not forget that our very essence of having our positions is to fullfil our duties… im hoping this/these dispute(s) between our respective public official will soon be resolve and thus, continue to extend the task of their offices to our fellow capizenos…. May God’s blessings be with us…

  2. Rexvam

    Continued bickering of these two officials with each other were non-productive. Will you please put a stop on this… this will hamper the fulfillment of projects promised to constituents… i say let the people decide in the next election of who will be worth the peoples trust to lead…

  3. baket naman lagi nag brown out madalas na po mag brown out sa capiz please po wag naman mag brown out

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