Judy Roxas marvels at City Hall’s newly-renovated offices

        ROXAS CITYMrs. Judy Araneta Roxas hailed the newly-renovated offices of City Hall as a “sample of modern architecture” as she  commended the city’s architect,  Margie Maestro,  for a job well-done.


        Mrs. Roxas, who was the guest of honor during the offices’ blessing and inauguration Sept. 12, said


“her presence in the province  is always a homecoming. Even if she’s not around, her heart always belongs to Capiz.”


        She noted the “warm reception” she gets whenever she’s around.


        Mrs. Roxas particularly cited the balcony at the Mayor’s Office in which from there, one can see the beauty of the city plaza, the bridge, the rivers and other landmarks of the city that truly captivates Capiz.


Balcony made of Glass of Mayors' office at 2nd flr of Roxas City Hall

Balcony made of Glass of Mayors' office at 2nd Flr, Roxas City Hall

        Mayor Vicente Bermejo said that when he wanted his office renovated and transferred from the ground floor to the second floor, his instruction to Maestro was to make it “simple but elegant.”


        Maestro made use of the famous Capiz shells in the renovation of the Mayor’s Office.


        The mayor thanked the members of the City Council for approving a P5-milion budget for the renovation of his former office at the ground floor for use of the City Treasurer’s Office. (GTP)

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