Roxas City blooms with new hotels

This city is known as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, has a peaceful and well-developed communities not to mention the cleanliness of its surroundings. Indeed, an ideal place to settle in and enjoy the fullness of its environment.
by Milagros Lumagui- Dela Cena, The Capiz Times

        This widens the opportunity for the families to enjoy city life by adding new hotels in its brood of tourist attractions.

        One of these is Casa Felisa, developed by ANCOR Development Corporation, in San Antonio Beach Resort.  Casa Felisa is elegantly designed  to enjoy business and leisure by the beach and that makes it more exciting for all beach lovers.

        Casa Felisa has complete amenities for fun and relaxation.  Every individual will surely take pleasure in the conveniences of a home and an office even away from them, including the many offers of recreation of a beach resort.

        On Casa Felisa’s facilities, it has fully air-conditioned rooms with cable TV and cozy bathrooms.  Visitors may use office equipment available for use like fax machine, scanner and photocopying machine. It also has internet and telephone access and other computer services.  It also offers room service like body massage, manicure, pedicure, haircut and facial mask.

        It presents the convenience of staying in the hotel at affordable rates and at the same time enjoying the view of the beach and do everything one can think of by the bay.

        Along San Jose and Burgos Streets, on the other side of town, one can find the newly built Roxas Midtown Hotel.  At the lobby, they have comfortable interior design including the dining area.

        For almost a year of operation, some TV and movie personalities from Manila have already enjoyed their stay in the said hotel.

        It has 16 fully air-conditioned spacious rooms with cable TV, and have homey subtle color hues in all of its rooms. Its signature design elements are clean and modern yet infused with a dash of Filipino touches that account for the room’s over-all warmth and elegance.

        Roxas Midtown Hotel has complete amenities too for every individual to enjoy the comfort it offers.  It has function rooms good for conferences, seminars, baptisms, birthdays and anniversaries.  They can also be used for product launchings, cocktail parties and other occasions.

        These hotels offer a combination of stunning architecture with the laid-back attitude and the conveniences of modern living.  These contribute to Roxas City’s expansion of mystical attraction for every family, individual, urban dweller, tourist and visitor from other places.  They will surely experience the comfort, the fun and the relaxation even away from home.

        Other hotels in Captivating Capiz which succeeded in service for a long time and continue its innovation for the benefit of their customers are MVW Hotel and Restaurant, Gerry Roxas Foundation (GRF), Villa Consorcia, President’s Inn, Nesta’s Hilltop, Capiz Bay, Plaza Central, Villa Patria, Baia Norte, Image Palace, La Hacienda, Baybayon Garden, Beachfront, Hotel Vita, Halaran Plaza, JZ Traveller’s Inn, Perfect Image Hotel and the new Cler Grand Hotel.

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