The twin problems: Global warming and population

        Sometime last month, the NASA or the National Space  Aeronautics, disclosed on TV that ice  caps on planet Mars have collapsed.  Meaning, they have melted down.  


        Since last  year, Russian scientists in Einstein Institute have been claiming that the sun is warming and causing ice caps in Mars and other planets in the Solar System, to melt.  Much earlier, or five years ago, German scientists had been claiming the sun is warming.  Today, Oct. 10, scientists claim over National Geographic Channel on TV that the sun has increased its heat by 30 percent since its birth some 4.5 billion years ago.   Is global warming caused by the sun warming up? Definitely. It appears that man can’t do anything about it.  But this warming up by the sun is a simple sun cycle of warming up and cooling, etc., that has been recurring for thousands of years, almost unnoticeable to humans who have  short life spans.


        But the land noticed its changes.  Greenland, for instance, was once a verdant land, thus its name Greenland.  Now, it is covered by ice that is melting again.  So, there is nothing human can do.  But we should  not worry much.  The sun had many warming and cooling periods over the past billions of years.  The sun will ultimately “die” and warm up eating all planets in the Solar System. This will take place though billions of years from now.


        But the cause of the Earth’s warming up  is not only due to the Sun.  Humans themselves are capable of changing the face of the Earth.  What with overpopulation and conversion of verdant Earth into barren Cosmopolitans and worse, uncontrolled burning of fossils, which unleash some 100 billion tons of CO2, more or less, into the atmosphere annually.  Such atmosphere cannot prevent substantially short wave sun rays to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere but blocking long-wave sun rays from bouncing back to space.


        The CO2 caused by humans in the atmosphere has increased by 35 percent since the industrial revolution 200 years ago. Thus, both the sun and human activities, almost equally, conjure in causing global warming on Earth to melt icecaps in Artic by 34 percent and Antartic by 10 percent.  The meltdown is causing more cold air in circulation from those two cold regions, particularly from the Arctic region, to spill over to meet equally more active hot air, also caused by global warming, from the tropical region.  The meeting of these cold and hot air in the converging zone wherein, ironically the Philippines is situated, is due to the normal tilting of Earth by 23 percent as Earth approaches the sun (surprisingly the Philippines should have been heating up , but the increasing tilting of Earth to 23.5 percent due to orbit of Earth around the Sun, ensures less sunlight to penetrate becoming more angled Artic region, this occurring in the approaching cold of December 2008 in the Philippines).  With the Philippines in the converging cold and hot zone, frequent unwelcome phenomena are visiting the Philippines almost every other day now.  These phenomena include heavy rain-fed prolonged typhoons, super-flooding and super typhoons.

        What can human do about global warming? As far as the sun warming up, it’s a normal cycle, something which man can’t do anything about.  But in terms of increased human activities that resulted in increased burning of fossils (notice the number of vehicles), human can do something about it substantially. Thanks to interstellar space communication system, various international organizations led by Nobel Prize Inter-Government Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), with more than 200 scientist memberships) have born.   There are also legions of private global organizations led by Nobel Prize winner, former Vice President Al Gore.  They are moving slowly, effectively, reverting global warming caused by human factor.  But the sole objective of these organizations must include overpopulation control because, unless this is done, all efforts of the IPCC, Al Gore and others to contain global warming, will be useless.

by: Jose AldeaChairman, Capiz Scientists and Inventors Society

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