Castro for Governor in 2010?

Coffee shops are abuzz with talks about the alleged plan of last term Second District Congressman Fredenil Castro to run for Capiz Governor in 2010, which means that he is contesting the slot of the now incumbent Capiz Gov. Victor Tanco Sr.

Castro and Tanco, after all, are deemed allies in politics. But with Castro’s cat practically out of the bag now, many doubt whether the two are still on good terms. Politically, that is! In fact there’s this sort of a press release (Presumably coming form Castro’s camp) saying that the last term second district solon, if he decides to run for governor, will have the post practically on a silver platter. The press release says that some known political figures from the second district together with the other sectors of the province are seen roaming around the area of the six municipalities of the first political district of Capiz conducting their own survey on who will be the best choice for governor of the province come 2010. of course, the press release says Castro got 58% of the votes; Vice Gov. Felipe Barredo gained 24% votes and, low and behold, Tanco only got 18% of votes.  

Tanco’s camp dismissed this as another piece of propaganda coming for Castro’s camp to promote his gubernatorial ambition. It notes that before the 2007 elections, no less than Sen. Mar Roxas, the boss of LP in Capiz, who commissioned a survey on who between Barredo and Tancos in the best choice for governor. The Result? Tanco reportedly edged out Barredo by a big margin.

In the same “survey”, Capiz Board Member Esteban Evan Contreras is leading other fellow board members as a possible vice gubernatorial bet with 46% votes; Raymundo Locsin, 41% votes and Gilbert Ardivilla, 13% votes. 

According to the press release, the Alliance Poll Systems Survey (APSS), an integrated independent based organization, was tapped to handle the initial project to determine who are the probable strong candidates for the provincial level in the next election. 

Quoting “reliable source”, it says that five municipal mayors in the first district and all the 10 mayors in the second district “were all committed” to support Castro’s gubernatorial bid. 

Tanco’s camp, however, sees it as premature if not preemptive pronouncement from Castro to demoralize Tanco’s camp. 

The press release said the “outstanding performance of Castro in the second district of Capiz in terms of infrastructure development and delivery of the basic needs and services to his constituents aside from being an outstanding, is the marking pint that will biring him to the next episode of his political career which is to conquer the provincial leadership.”

by: The Capiz Times

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