Roxas City taxis now issue receipts

ROXAS CITY, Capiz — Taxicabs with receipt-issuing meters started plying the streets of this city on Saturday, a first for a city outside Metro Manila.

Captivating Capiz Cab
Captivating Capiz Cab

Dubbed as “Capiz Cabs,” the receipt-issuing taxis are the first in the Philippines apart from those operating out of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, said lawyer Antonio Ortiz, who chairs the Capiz Transport Multi-purpose Cooperative.


The cooperative, CTMC, which owns the captivating Capiz Cabs, launched the operation of the receipt-issuing taxi units on Friday in a ceremony held in front of Mary Immaculate Conception Cathedral here, following a motorcade that started from the Roxas City Airport.

This was also the first time that taxicabs will operate in Roxas City, where tricycles reigned as the mode of public transport.


The cooperative will initially operate five taxi units but the company plans to acquire more. The taxis will ply around Roxas City, Capiz’s 16 towns and, on special arrangements, to any point on Panay Island, said Ortiz.

Ortiz said five local businessmen, who are also members of the cooperative, put up the investment needed to have taxis in Capiz. They were Jose Nery Ong, Leny Albert Apaitan, Romulo Capunong, William Bantique, and Junith Blancaver.


Captivating Capiz Cab
Captivating Capiz Cab

Blancaver said it was Porfirio Clavel, regional director of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board in Western Visayas, who made it possible for taxis to operate in Capiz by lifting the moratorium on applications for the issuance of Certificates of Public Convenience.


Under LTFRB’s Memorandum Circular 017 dated September 3, 2008, the taxis should run on liquefied petroleum gas and should be dominantly “sunburst yellow in color including the designs, markings, and logos.”

Aside from being able to issue receipts, the taxis must have two-way radio system and top light.


About 50 units were initially allowed to operate in Capiz under the terms of the LTFRB memorandum.

Uniformed drivers, professionally trained by the Capiz Visitors and Convention Bureau for tourism services, will man the taxicabs, Blancaver added.


By Felipe V. Celino
Visayas Bureau
First Posted 15:22:00 10/18/2008

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6 responses to “Roxas City taxis now issue receipts

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  2. about time!

    is somebody doing something about our myriads of tricycles? Some of these drivers drive like kings of the Road.

    haaay !

  3. Rexvam

    The taxi idea will be sustainable if the local government would be more open to commercial businesses that would like to invest in the region. This will somehow boost the spending power of Capizenos since there will be more opportunity for employment. Who dares to ride in a taxi at 30 pesos flagdown when the salary of an ordinary Capizeno would not even make ends meet. I heard the SM Supermalls “was” interested in putting a branch in Roxas?… What happened?… Is this true?

  4. Basa

    I am proud to be a capiznon.. Ang ganda tlaga jan sa roxas kasi hindi nagpapahuli sa improvement and progress hoping a new roxas city in the future.. i love roxas city and the capiz.

    • col purino

      i am not a capiznon, but proud to be assigned in that heavenly place. that was forty years ago, while i was assigned as company commander, in luktugan hill.hello & regards to msgt delmo & family also to Msgt Bayot & family, to my co officer in capiz & siasi,Jolo,Sulo,Col. Erning & Thelma Latumbo, lastly to all the men uniforn whose names i can not recall, but their faces and character i can never forget, yes no taxis during my stay in your beautiful province of capiz

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