Global Peace Festival 2008 Visayas

“Let’s come together as One Family”

 Global Peace Festival 2008 Visayas

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) is a global alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world of peace in which we live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity.


Two years ago, August 2006, UDF, along with its affiliates initiated a weeklong event that gathered young people and leaders from all sectors locally and internationally in the Philippines, the International Youth Festival (IYF), It was a very successful undertaking held with the objective of igniting the spirit of all youth to work together, establish partnerships with other members of the civil society,

Peace Concert with Billy Crawford

the government and other agencies, consolidating resources and talents to make greater contribution towards peace building.  Attended by international and local delegates coming from various, GOs, NGOs and the academe, many brought their learning to their respective nation, organization, institution and community.


International Youth Summit at Villareal Stadium, Roxas CityIn addition, the IYF was celebrated in conjunction with the 7th International Youth Day (IYD) spearheaded by the United Nations Association of the Philippines in partnership with the Youth Federation for World Peace.  This is held annually promoting the importance of fulfilling the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals.  The IYD celebration was culminated with the International Youth Leaders Congress for Global Peace held at the Araneta Coliseum where 25,000 gathered on the theme, “MDGs U.N.I.T.E. Now!”


Based on that model created, the UPF in conjunction with a number of other organizations, peace advocates and friends, had organized a series of peace festivals last year aimed at creating new partnerships to promote world peace in many countries realizing the significance of encouraging continuously all peace stakeholders to carry on their peace building efforts unceasingly until the essential peace would truly be instituted in the hearts and minds of world citizens.


Participants in the International Leadership Conference


The series programs across the world culminated in the launching of the Global Peace Festival last year on December 12, 2007, at the Quirino Grandstand, Manila, Philippines that gathered 250,000 thousand people from all walks of life, local and international.


It was set as the forerunner that led to the resolution for the annual conduct of the Globl Peace Festivals in different countries of the world as the combined efforts of all peace stakeholders worldwide in institutionalizing world peace.  Such model in the Philippines had definitely created a big impact that influenced other nations and thus, led the expansion of the global Peace Festival message to the rest of the world.


In an effort continue the battle for true peace, the UPF is going to hold the Global Peace Festival 2008 again in Manila, Philippines on December 13, 2008 with the goal of gathering 2 million people this time.  But in order for the message of GPF to reach each citizen of the nation, UPF will conduct local GPF on certain localities of the nation representing Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  Then, it will culminate on the national gathering in Manila, Philippines.


Governor Victor Tanco at International Leadership seminar held Governors Hall, Capiz Provincial Capitol

The GPD Visayas, in particular, will be held on November 17-19, 2008 at the Villareal Stadium, Roxas City, Province of Capiz, the Seafood-Trip Tourism of the Philippines.  The local peace festival aims to gather 10,000 peace stakeholders from different sectors locally and internationally.


By launching the UPF peace Initiatives through the cooperation of its peace partners and affiliates in Visayas and through the Global Peace Festival, we can bring all stakeholders into biased dialogue & unconditional understanding beyond deep-seated cultural differences and claims on territorial domains that will bring about mutual cultural respect.  Everyone will come to realize that the only way to start building real peace is no longer by creating map divisions but only thru recognizing that we are ONE FAMILY UNDER ONE SUPREME BEING, OUR DIVINE PARENT!!!  And that we are all partners in the task of nation-building and ensuring global sustainability.



Vision, Mission & Objectives



            One Family Under God



            The Global Peace Festival is  celebration of unified efforts to expand the culture of heart towards the realization of “One Family Under God” through arts, sports, service and education beyond race, religion, nationality and culture.


Guide to Action

  1. We are one human family created by God, the ultimate reality.
  2. The highest qualities of the human being are spiritual and moral in nature.
  3. The family is the “school of love and peace.
  4. Living for the sake of others is the way to reconcile the divided human family.
  5. Peace comes through cooperation beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, religion and nationality.
  6. Molding young leaders with the culture of heart ensure global co-existence, co-prosperity and harmony.


  1. To promote dialogue and innovative approaches to peace.
  2. To highlight the cross-cultural families.
  3. To promote the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals through creating a culture of service.
  4. To build a powerful network of dedicated partners for “One Family Under God”

 Lead Organizer

  • Local Government Unit of the Province of Capiz
  • Universal Peace Federation



Federation of Senior Citizens Associations of the Phil., Roxas City Chapter, Department of Education, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), Philippine Teachers Association for the Research of Principles (PTARP), Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP), World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (W-CARP), Service for Peace in the Philippines, Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP), Asian Mobile Medical Service (AMMS), Religious Youth Service, True Love Power International, Capiz Halaran Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rotary Club of Metro Roxas, Roxas City Fil-Chinese Chamber of commerce and Industry, Capiz Visitors and Convention Bureau Inc., Department of Tourism, Commission on Higher Education, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine Information Agency, United Nations Association of the Philippines, National Youth Commission, Mr. & Ms. University Intl., Philippine Society of NSTP Educators and Implementers, Inc., Metro Roxas Water District.





I.    TITLE:  Global Peace Festival 2008 Visayas

II.   DATE:  November 17-19, 2008


         A.)  GPF Main Event – Villareal Stadium, Roxas City

B.)  International Leadership Conference (ILC)- governors’ Hall, Roxas City

C.)  Youth Power Assembly (YPA) – Capiz Gymnasium, Roxas City

D.)  Service for Peace (SFP) Projects

Tree Planting – Panitan, Capiz

Coastal clean-up Peoples Park – Brgy. Bay-bay, Roxas City

Street Cleaning

Garbage Bin Installation

Public Market cleaning-Roxas Public Market


for more information about the Global Peace Festival visit their website:



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4 responses to “Global Peace Festival 2008 Visayas

  1. CHE CHE


  2. ronron

    Ang mga tao ay nasiyahan kasi daming artista pero and mga kasamahan ni Moon hindi kasi wala silang narecruit na maging MEMBER nang UNIVERSAL PEACE Foundation. Ano nga ba ang mga Org na ito. Hanapin niyo nalang sa internet ang keyword na moonies o sun myong moon. under One god nga ba.? in my opinion

  3. vencent

    good day!
    global peace ito sana ang pagbuklod buklod ng mga tao para mging maayos ang pagsasamahan.
    Pero bkit nga ba iti nakwil ito ng mga catholic groups/school? organiztaion ba ito ng pagigiging KULTO? o iba ang hangarin nito..
    ako ay isang makata \na nagbibigay kahulugan sa mga ito…
    ito nga ba ay bawal… o isang kat hang isip lng ayon sa aking mga nacolektang inpormasyon..

    Sa akin bilang isang tao na nabubuhay dito sa lupa..
    ito ay isang daaan para umunlad ang ating bayan ngunit hindi tayo mapaagunawa .

  4. Global Peace “One Family Under God”
    Sino nga ba ang GOD na tinutukoy dito? Ang God ba na nasa itaas o ang tao na inaako niya na siya ay god! Just search about Sun Myong Moon para sa karagdagang detalye..

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