Pangilatan Falls: Best waterfalls in Western Visayas

         ROXAS CITY – Yes, folks, you heard it right.  The best waterfalls in Western Visayas can be found in Tapaz, Capiz, some 60 km. from here.  It is known as the Pangilatan Falls Ecotourism Park.

Pangilatan Falls, Tapaz, Capiz

Pangilatan Falls, Tapaz, Capiz

        This writer only learned about his untapped tourist potential from the town’s Sangguniang Bayan member, Arnold Jaranilla, the SB’s chair of the committee on tourism.

        Jaranilla, who was one of the participants to the  two-day provincial tourism strategic planning  workshop, lost no time in convincing his fellow participants about the potential of the place as a major tourist-drawer.  He described it as breathtaking and unspoiled and, no doubt, the best of its kind in the region.   Through the brochure that Jaranilla handed to us, we learned that Tapaz, once the hotbed of communist insurgency in the region, has more than 10 other waterfalls that can transform the town into a tourist haven.

        With the impetus given on tourism by the provincial government under Gov. Victor Tanco, it is hoped that Tapaz and its various waterfalls, particularly this gem of a place called “Pangilatan Waterfalls and Ecotourism Park,” will get the needed attention, particularly in the area of infrastructure , that they deserve.



        The Pangilatan Waterfalls Ecotourism Park is composed of a main waterfalls which has a water drop off of about 81 ft., countless mini-falls whose water drop offs are between less than a foot to as high as 7 ft., the total  length of which is at least 3.5 kms and could go as far as 8 kms and a viewing area on the highest point of Barangay Artuz.  From here, one could see the rolling hills and mountains of Tapaz and neighboring towns as far as Calinog, Iloilo in the south and Libacao, Aklan in the north.  The hills could rival the famous chocolate hills of Bohol.



        Residents used to call it “Pangilat-kilatan” based on the Visayan  root word “kilat, ” which means lightning.  It is said that lightning used to strike the place whenever somebody tries to fish in the falls even during summer of sunny days.  The name was later modified to “Pangilatan.”  This came about, or so the legend says, because the older ones had difficulty pronouncing the old and original name.



        Tapaz, the biggest municipality in Panay Island (more than 51,718 hectares and is almost as big as the Province of Guimaras), is located in the center of the island and is gifted with rolling hills and mountains that makes it look like  a crumpled paper.  From the highest point of Barangay Artuz, one could see Mt. Baloy in the Province of Antique (the highest point in Panay Island) and Mt. Nacuron, where the headwaters of Panay and Aklan Rivers emanate. (Panay River is the name given to the longest river in Capiz, which starts from Pontevedra  town and ends in Tapaz-Ed). Visitors could get a scenic view of these mountains from the watch tower located on the highest point of Barangay Artuz, where binoculars and telescopes are available for rent.  Thus, visitors could watch the planets and the stars during nighttime with the aid of these gadgets.



        The Park has several cottages which visitors coul;d rent during their stay.  This as they try to discover the countless falls or simply frolic in one of the numerous natural pools. At a very minimal fee!



        Visitors could tour the Park by following the trails and hanging bridges, or simply frolic along the streams and enjoy their cool and soothing caress.  The best way to do this is by going horseback riding.  One  must not miss visiting the main falls with its 81-foot water drop by going down through a 140-step stairway, which is designed to test one’s stamina and endurance. One may also either swim the 100-meter distance from the river bank or hire a raft to get to the falls.



        The Park is located in Barangay Artuz in Tapaz, the biggest among the 16 municipalities of Capiz, the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.  Tapaz is 82 kms from Iloilo City and about 63 kms from the  proper of Roxas City, the capital of Capiz. 

        Capiz, one of the Visayan islands in Central Philippines, is located at the northeastern section of Panay Island.



        *By Plane

        Philippine Airlines (PAL) and Cebu Pacific provides daily flights to Roxas City.  From Roxas City you can take a bus to Tapaz courtesy of Ciudadano Bus Lines.  In addition to PAL and Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines provide daily flights from Manila to Iloilo.  From Iloilo, you can take an L-300 van or Calinog Bus Lines in going to Tapaz.


          *By Boat

        The cheapest route to the Pangilatan Falls Ecotourism Oark is by boat either through Iloilo City or through Roxas City while enjoying the sights of the Philippine Islands.  Negros Navigation and WG &A ply both routes on regular basis.


         *By Roll-on, Roll-off (Ro-Ro)

        Another cheaper and exciting way to reach the Falls is through the latest and surely the most popular mode of transport system –the roll-on, roll off (RORO).   You can do this by taking a bus (Ceres or Philtranco) from Cubao, Quezon City.  The buses will take you to Batangas City where a RORO vessel bound for Calapan Mindoro was stationed.  From Calapan, the same bus will take you to Roxas, Oriental, Mindoro, passing through the scenic plains of the place.  At the port of Roxas, another RORO vessel will take you to Caticlan Point in Malay, Aklan.  The same bus will then take you to Iloilo City through Tapaz.


        *From Poblacion to the Park

        Once reaching Poblacion or the town proper of Tapaz, you can take a public utility vehicle to the Barangay Artuz proper, which is about 15 kms away.  From there, you can proceed or trek to Sitio Agmalasogi, about one km away, where the Pangilatan Falls is located.


by: Gerry T. Pagharion – The Capiz Times


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26 responses to “Pangilatan Falls: Best waterfalls in Western Visayas

  1. …[proud gd q ya sa tapaz damu dd2 tahum nga lugar pangilatan kg dam.. dd2 gd q ya nagdako amu na bal-an q gdna yah.. try nu kd2 bala ky ndi gd kamu mgcling nga magbalik daun ahh.. ndi kgd mboring hehehe..

  2. grabeh gd yah ang tapaz wala gd q sg mhambal basta mcling qlang proud gd q sg akon nga lugar..

  3. Guerlie Glory

    TAPAZ is a real place to come especially on summer… because much of beautiful and hidden beauty/sceneries are located in Tapaz… as tapaznon, too proud to say… guest don’t hesitate to visit and the people around are very hospitable… so, goodluck tapaznon…

  4. sir, your doing a really nice job here.. I never knew places like this actually exist in our province until now. Captivating gid man kag!

  5. Donna De La Torre

    Hi! I am a Tapaznon myself (immigrant now). Ur featured article is really interesting. Do you have some more photos that could showcase this falls? Is there any toilet and changing facilities? How safe is this place now for tourists considering the past insurgency problem of Tapaz.
    I’m planning to bring my husband and my kids to this place someday.

    • Donna, Pangilatan Falls is located in a remote area in Tapaz, on going constructions of accessible road for four wheel vehicles is on going. Tapaz and Capiz local goverment unit focused on the promotion of the place for local and foreign tourist. I’ll ask somebody from the toursim office to post an article regarding to your inquiry. Thanks for visiting this blog..

      • I have been personally seeing through the development of this project and I am glad that many are finding this place great. You can see more photo here I have listed my contact information on that page.

        Thank you for helping me promote this project. I believe that aside from Pangilatan, there are still many undiscovered beautiful spots in Tapaz.

  6. jonah

    yes, come and visit pangilatan falls, best month to go there is from March to May, passable ang road.kit – anay lang kita didto, bring ur friends and families, and enjoy the cool breeze of the falls………

    inviting everyone also to visit San Julian DAM, it is now developed and open for public, in fact sa SABADO (March 21) may BOAT FESTIVAL. see you there!!!!!

  7. bee

    please post more pictures of the beautiful places people can visit in Capiz…i think it is one way of improving the province..i like olutayan island by the way…=)

  8. eeg

    mayad lang nag adlaw kaninyo nga tanan. at dukaron medyo H- tech dun kita pa blog2x lang ah.
    anyway nakakadto na ko sa Pangilatan falls. kag salamat kay Konsehal Amay Jaranilla. sya gd nag himo paagi para ma develop man ya lugar. Mayad man ya lugar. kinahanglan ya improvement. Una ya aragyan, ga init ya buli mo sakay ka motor bag o malab ot ya lugar. kag dapat medyo palapadon ya pari pariguan. kag kinahanglang pagid ya advertisement. kag dapat mag ulugyan ya tanan nga mga politiko sa banwa.
    Jonah kun may time ka lihog man abi kuah ka picture sa dam. at least makita ta man, labay akon kmusta man ya boat race inspite sa isyo ka mag politika. i hope ma resolve nanda. Hay biskan sa Panay News naibalita gani.
    labay akon sa mga tapaznon nag waay dyan sa banwa ta pud kmo ka check ka balita sa from time to time may mga balita man sanda parti sa banwa.
    t sge ah mamugon kita anay. mahal nga daan ya bugas.

  9. jones

    well ang boat race, most controversial man tana to….nag agaway baroto pero nadayon gid ang race man, ti champion bala to ya taga SAN PEDRO daw 50,000 gid….

    nag adto man tuya ya mga Municipal Officials with the assistance of the PNP to stop the race and confescate daad ka boat kay daw waay it Mayor’s permit, pero bati ko waay man to it court order according to DENR pipol. so instead, masinadyahon nga nadayon ang palumbaanay ka baroto sa DAM. baw kasadya, ato man gani si GOV. ka CAPIZ….

    ti daw gasakit puso nila ka agaway ka baroto kag binanggianay, pero WIN WIN solution man ah….NADAYON ANG BOAT RACE, PERO AFTER THE RACE, GINKUHA GID ANG BAROTO ka taga DENR. ato na to sa mga kamot ka PULIS ka TAPAZ ah….

    damo gagutgot, damo natapakan, damo nabastos, damo nahuy an, damo naperwesyuhan, pero prayer ko lang, tani SADYAHON naton ang TAPAZ, magbuyluganay daad kita para sa KAAYUHAN sang BANWA KA TAPAZ….

    pictures will just follow…..

  10. pjb

    slamat sa info Jones. mayad man hay nadayun. Biskan nga duro ya apektuhan. hay daad ya purpose lang ka tanan bala para sa kaayuhan ka tanan, indi nga para sa personal nga interest. ya pamangkot kun indi ayhan si Nonong Palomar nagpaladagan mayor, dakpon na man ayhan ya baroto. hay ambot sa tanan ah, biskan pa daad nga kontra partido at least ga buligay sanda para sa mayad ka banwa. Pareho bala sa iban nga lugar. Labay akon kmusta man ya banwa ta kay Mayor Rose? t sge ah, ty gd sa moderator kag sa iban man nga ga comment dya. t sge mamugon ta anay liwat ah.

  11. pjb

    KASIMANWA. I’ve just watched the video that we toke during our visit to pangilatan falls. As i menetioned here before, dapat ang paliguan dpat laparan kag punungan same bala sa suhot. at the same time ya aragyan pakadto sa pihak nga busay dapat panamion hay daw lubid lang kag butung. hope that nag improve na, kay sa picture nami pero kun tuya ka daw manugon ka ka byahe mo tya. kabay pa nga ya politiko ka tapaz ma improve man nanda ya mga lugar ta.
    t sge ah mamugon pa ako anay. mayad nga adlaw kaninyo nga tanan.

  12. Donna De La Torre

    Dear PJB,
    Where is ur video? share mo man sa amon? upload mo sa youtube?

  13. pjb

    I will do it soon.

  14. jones

    ambot gani kadyang mga tapaznon ah! tama gid daad nga magbuligay kita tanan nu, bisan pa gid ang mga activities sa Tapaz….ti daw nahimasmasan naman mansig ka partido ka issue about sa baroto ah….na realize naman nila mga kakulangan nila ah….hopefully ma settle duman ya issue hay ti paryentehanay man tanan sa Tapaz ah….bulig lang kita promote ah…..gapamasyar ka man sa Tapaz ah. binag binaga na lang kon kabangon na gid man ang Tapaz……

    labay man akon, ti wala pa guro na improve ya aragyan sa Pangilatan Falls hay ti waay it budget para kaday a. ukon, basi may ginahulat duman kita nga private person to improve it? ay, daad nu, para makalab ot man ya iban sa nami nga parigusan…..

  15. pjb


  16. anga

    ok lang madevelope ang tapaz pero wag lang sana maargrabyado ang mga ninuno namin dun!..
    ako ay pinanganak din sa daan norte tapaz capiz..
    wag naman sanang abusuhin ng mga pulitiko ang nakatira doon kasi karamihan dun walang pinag-aralan.
    at sana ang mga masasagasaan nila sa pag develope ng mga lugar ay ibigay nila ang nararapat para sa mga pamilya na madadamay..

  17. gary v. jimenez

    The water falls are good source of electricity, pico hydro power plant are very important for the lighting of the cottages and for the residence of Barangay Artuz and the park. The Pangilatan falls are one of the best ecotourism park in Western Visayas when will be develop.

  18. wow!! it is captivating of the most beautiful place here in roxas city.. I just want to ask a permission to the facilator of this place, if they allow us to have a thesis work.., with this place..

  19. How can I get here from Jamindan?

  20. look cling nila bukidnon ang tapaz now anu ma say nio halos lhat my oreginality ang tapz,,my mga talent at pasyalan pa…

  21. guerlie glory

    Maayong hapon sa tanan2 nga taga Tapaz, esp. sa mga akon mga kakilala, amigo, amiga, relatives most esp. to GLORY and VASQUEZ family…. also to my beloved Alma Matter in PSPC now CAPSU, to all my Instructor/tress, malipayon kag matawhay nga pag celebrate sang Ati Atihan festival 2010 sa TAPAZ. (Wish i could be there).
    My roots is in Tapaz, iam very much eager to go back in my native place bec… i LOVE a wholesome place in San Julian , DAM…. pray.. someday someone could be there… LOve!!!!

  22. Di

    Baw kasimanwa…kasubo man sadtong nabati-an ko nga gin confiscate nga mga baroto man. Kanami gid lang sang ginhimo ni Nonong Palomar kag. Ambot ah…wala lang bala tani personal nag interest bala kay para man ina sa kaayuhan sang tanan. Indi lang bala tani maghinikaway. Te ano gid nakuha nila sato? Hmmmm pamaknoton ta kamo karon sang dalupang.

  23. hhmMmpz…nami bala ang tapaz kay damu na mga nadiscover nga mga falls..cling nla bukid daw ang tapaz pero someday magiging city rin yan hehehe…malay niu..!!!,’char,,.!

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