Napti Island

Napti Island

Napti Island is about three to four hectares big, this island is located near Olotayan Island. It has white sands, a small cave and abundant shells can be found in the area. Napti is uninhabited island. The beach is inviting and the waters are cool and free of troublesome jellyfish the whole year round. A small cave, about 100 meters long, winds several feet below the surface across the island. The island commands a breathtaking view of Roxas City and Pan-ay. Fishing enthusiasts and gourmets have a wonderful time for the plentiful fish and lobster.

 Boat trip to Olotayan and Napti Island is accessible at Brgy. Banica Wharf, or ask with any beach front hotels/resorts in Roxas City to facilitate your trip. For more information just email me at


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2 responses to “Napti Island

  1. dixie cruz

    Just wanted to ask if there are rooms available to stay with at the napti island? how much? is there an electricy supply

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