Sinadya sa Halaran 2008 Fireworks Display

Extravagant FireworksRoxas City – On 7th December, Roxas City Local Government and Capiz Provincial Goverment bring a Big Fireworks Display at the 2nd floor of Capiz Provincial Capitol. The fireworks display is part of the Sinadya sa Halaran 2008 celebration.  The fireworks started at 7:30pm after the Vespers Mass and the Prosesyon sa Suba (Fluvial Procession) in honor to the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral Parish patron saint.

Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral ParishImmaculate Concepcion Patron saint

Fireworks Display Video

Capiz Provincial CapitolBoth Local Government Units allocated a budget of P75,000.00 each for the fireworks. More than 1000 spectators came to witness the stunning fireworks show that lasted about 6 minutes. Heavy rain before the fluvial parade does not stop public from seeing the performance. This event is one of the highlights in the celebration of Sinadya sa Halaran 2008.

Majority of the Capizeños concluded that this years fireworks display is more spectacular compared to last year.

Sinadya sa Halaran 2007 Fireworks Display Video


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5 responses to “Sinadya sa Halaran 2008 Fireworks Display

  1. Nice images and an informative blog! Keep it up!

  2. hehehe.. i’ve seen this blog before but I didn’t know who owns it.. nice one.. sir, you are a true blooded capiznon! more power to you..

  3. junjun

    nami gd fireworks ba…tani yanda nga 2009 mas nami pagd kag damu pagd.indi tipid

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