Roxas City Skimboarding Association Sinadya Sa Halaran Skimfest 2008

Skimboarding at baybay Beac, Roxas CityRoxas City, Philippines – Easy to watch but complicated to perform, an accord between nature and human being… this is skimboarding…. an extreme sport that requires the athlete, called a skim boarder or skimmer, to ride on a board on very trivial water.  It is very similar to surfing but dealing with the smaller waves. The skimmer waits for the waves on shallow waters by standing about twenty feet from the sea.  When he sees a wave, he runs towards it holding his skimboard, drops the skimboard and rides into it very quickly until the wave has broken.  Once he is on board, he must make his transition into the sea and glides to meet more oncoming waves.  The most excellent kind of boards is made from either carbon fiber or fiber glass with core made from high density foam.

Roxas City Skimboarders AssociationRCS President Kenneth Delicana and Julius Plaza

However, despite of the dangers may brought by skimboarding, many people, especially the younger generation, get into the sport because of the thrill that can be derived and also because of the low cost of this sport.

rcs-skimboarding5If skimboarding is much known in the different part of the world, the skilled skim surfers of Roxas City take the place to be part of it. An organization known as Roxas City Skimboarders Association (RCS) subsists and participated in different skimboarding competition in Iloilo and Boracay. This organization is presently under the leadership of Kenneth Delicana

RCS conducted a competition for the young surfers in flatland to show off their ability and skills in playing with the waves. This competition was conducted last Dec. 6, 2008 as the organization’s part for the celebration of Sinadya sa Halaran 2008, held at Baybay Beach, Roxas City and participated by the skimboarders of Roxas City, Boracay and Iloilo. This activity was sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Sumakwel, Roxas City. Indeed the said competition became successful and the victors are: 1st: Joel Ongan of Boracay and 2nd Agamemnon “Aga” Acebuche of Roxas City.


   The  best place to do flatland skimboarding in Roxas City is located at Baybay Beach, Baia Norte Beach Club and Flatrock Beach Resort  because they have the fine sand, flatland, and seasonal wave.


   Roxas City is certainly blessed with beautiful sceneries for the people to dwell and take good care most of the time.  Watching the superb beaches of Roxas City and Olotayan Island gives you the picturesque of ease and peace… that when the wind blows the waves rush to touch the seashore, a feeling of happiness and admiration it always bring.

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