Lady inmate gets pregnant

ROXAS City — Another controversy rocks the Capiz Rehabilitation Center (CRC) in Brgy. Lawaan here after an inmate separated from her husband got impregnated by a fellow inmate.


Arjuna Yngcong, CRC officer-in-charge, sees no violation of the jail’s rules and regulation as the two inmates are both separated from their husband and wife.


Yngcong told reports that he recently discovered that alias Alma is four months pregnant. Alma said alias Negro impregnated her.


The provincial warden said the two confessed to him that they fell in love with each other and are willing to face any challenges in the future.


The CRC became the butt of controversies as jail guards and the inmates were involved in several scandals.


One example was Melanie Yu, a former CRC officer-in-charge who was involved in the missing firearms, budget allocation for inmates’ food and giving special treatment to well-to-do lady inmates, among others.


Another controversy that rocked CRC last year was a jail guard who complained of his missing wallet taken by a sex worker after a sexual service. The place where sexual service was held was a few meter away from the provincial jail.


by: Felipe V. Celino, Visayas Bureau

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  1. Net Atienza

    Am I to understand, that male and female inmates are confined in the same building or cell? If so, relationships are inevitable.

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