Party loyalty? Tell that to the marines!

The so-called political season in Capiz has practically begun with some reports that this or that politician is planning to run in 2010 against an incumbent official who, ironically, also happens to be a party-mate at the Liberal Party.  And not to be outdone, the opposition in Capiz  led by former Roxas City vice mayor and defeated first district congressional candidate Alan Celino and the  group of former Agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante (which includes former  Capiz Gov. Jose “Ting”Borda, Tabby Blanco, former board member Henry Reyes, among others),  has lately become visible as if trying to send a urgent  “political message” that something is awash in 2010 insofar as the opposition ranks in Capiz are concerned.

Bolante is reportedly seriously considering running either for  congressman of the first district of Capiz or for governor.  But since Celino’s original plan  is to run against Del Rosario for their much-awaited second bout, Bolante may yet  opt for the governorship.  But this may depend on the decision of last term second district congressman Fredenil Castro, who is also believed to be eyeing  the top Capitol post. Will Castro give up his gubernatorial ambition in favor of Bolante?   And, is Castro now willing to severe his ties with Senator Mar Roxas by going against the perceived reelection bid of incumbent governor Tanco who, it is believed, remains to be “pet” of the Roxases?

Indeed, will the senator and his mother, Judy Araneta-Roxas, “give” the Capitol post on a silver platter to a non-LP supporter?   I can almost imagine them protesting  in unison: “over our dead bodies!”

But what is surprising is the reported plan of former Panay mayor and now Vice Gov. Felipe Barredo, an LP stalwart,  to run for  congressman of the first district of Capiz in next year’s polls.  If this happens, Barredo will be pitied against  a fellow LP man, the incumbent congressman Antonio del Rosario. His move will surely displease his “political masters!” 

Is Barredo’s latest stance a sign that he is rebelling against the leadership of the powers –that-be (read: the Roxases) in Capiz?

I had it from a good source that Barredo, before he decided to slide down as a gubernatorial bet in the last election to give way to LP’s standard-bearer, now Governor Tanco, was promised  by the Roxases certain “perks,” like he would be  having a “say” on “two  areas” of  governance. But the Roxases reportedly reneged on such a  “promise.”

But I believe that Barredo’s “ruffled feelings” can still be assuaged by the Roxases’ “charm.”  In tagalog parlance, Barredo’s case can be categorized as mere “tampo.”  I’m pretty sure that before he can make is next move, the Roxases may have  already engaged him in  a “heart-to-heart” talk.

Well, it appears that Senator Roxas and his mom will have a lot of fixing up to do insofar as “appeasing” their political allies in Capiz is  concerned.

Also,  it is time they corrected their perennial stance of taking their men for granted in Capiz.

            It seems that the only political animal in Capiz who appears “safe” in his own world is Roxas City mayor Vicente Bermejo.

I don’t want to think that some  of these politicians are just “floating” their supposed political ambitions just get a concession from Senator Roxas, especially  when he  succeeds in his bid for Palace post.     

But I would say that the “early squabbling” for certain positions of  some Capiz politicians is just normal in a country like ours where loyalty to the party usually takes a backseat over  personal, petty,  and self-serving  ambitions.    

Indeed, when will our so-called leaders and self-proclaimed messiahs give politics a good name?


by: Gerry T. Pagharion, Editor-in-Chief, Capiz Times


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2 responses to “Party loyalty? Tell that to the marines!

  1. capizupdates

    This political squabbling among local politicians as well as those who are planning to join the political arena, is really disappointing. Capiz is the local version of the Philippines’ image in general. No real progress because the leaders are just concerned on how they sustain their own interest.

    Sometimes, I can not avoid thinking that Capiz will never be at par with other cities and province in Panay Island if the local officials are still being controlled by few people who are not even concerned of the plight of the Capizeños..

    But I am not losing hope.. I still am hoping for the best things to happen in Roxas City and Capiz. May be it is not yet the time. Maybe it will happen when the actions of every local official are no longer motivated by GREED.

  2. Joao

    When I read and ponder about Capiz politics, I remember my dad saying, “they shoot horses, don’t they?”.

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