Capiztahan 2009 – April 13-15, 2009 : Rationale

(the 108th Foundation Day Commemoration of the Civil Government of Capiz)
April 13-15, 2009

 I. Capiztahan Rationale

                  The United States Philippine Commission through Act No. 115, entitled “AN ACT EXTENDING THE PROVISIONS OF THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT ACT TO THE PROVINCE OF CAPIZ” established the Provincial Government of Capiz (April 15, 1901).


Capiz Provincial Capitol

Capiz Provincial Capitol

                 REPUBLICT ACT NO. 9217 of the House of Representatives, otherwise known as the declaration of April 15 of every year as Pres. Manuel Acuña Roxas Memorial Day (a special non-working holiday for the entire Capiz Province and Roxas City).

                 The Sanguniang Panlalawigan of the Province of Capiz passed and approved ORDINANCE NO. 02-S-2003, entitled “AN ACT DECLARING APRIL 15 OF EVERY CALENDAR YEAR AS THE FOUNDATION DAY OF THE PROVINCE OF CAPIZ AND TO CELEBRATE SAID OCCASION WITH FITTING ACTIVITY.” (February 21, 2003).

               The present administration, hold sacred the historical past, culture and legacies left by our forefathers who guided and chartered the province of Capiz to what it is at present and consistently adhering to the slogan “Labi Sa Tanan Ang Tawo”, it is but fitting that this forthcoming 108th Foundation Day of the Province be remembered and celebrated not only by the provincial government and the other LGUs but with multi-sectoral participation.

                The forthcoming occasion is a rare opportunity for enhancing historical awareness and promotion of good citizenship which will indubitably raise the level of the sense of place of every Capiznon.

                 In 2008, the annual celebration was dubbed as CAPIZtahan to highlight its celebratory and communal dimensions. Participation of Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s), Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), and indigenous Peoples (IP’s) were encouraged in recognition of their contribution to the development of the Province.

                To institutionalize the revered event, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan passed Ordinance No. 01-s-2009 with a title “NAMING THE CELEBRATION OF THE CAPIZ PROVINCE CHARTER ANNIVERSARY EVERY APRIL 15 AS ‘CAPIZTAHAN,’ INSTITUTIONALIZING ITS YEARLY HOLDING, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES.”

I. a. General Objectives:
          To celebrate, through multi-sectoral participation, the same spirit, determination and effort of our forefathers that led to the creation of the civil government of the province of Capiz.

II. b. Specific Objectives:
          1. To foster the role of all sectors of the community for the development of the province.
          2. To showcase the historical and cultural heritage of the province in the context of participatory governance.
          3. To cultivate good citizenry among Capiznons in achieving culture excellence.

II. c. Expected Outcome:
          Raise the level of “sense of place” of every Capiznons.

Source: Capiz Provincial Press Bureau

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