Capiztahan 2009 Fireworks Exhibition

The Capiztahan 2009 activity go with a bang as the Chinese and Korean fireworks manufacturers showcase their products by having a fireworks exhibition held at Villareal Stadium, Roxas City this April 13, 2009 which started at exactly 7:00pm.


Hundreds of Capiznon spectators watched the awesome explosions of fireworks that lasted almost 6 minutes.


What you could hear from the Capiznon audience who witnessed and enjoyed the event as the bombs bursting in the air, the rockets’ red flare, loud explosions and colorful superstars igniting in the air are expressions such as: “ooohhhhh”…. “ahhhhhhhh”… and “wowwwwwwww”. Most of the spectators commented that it was the best and impressive fireworks display they’ve seen so far.  The superb sound could be heard and feel 7 kilometers away.




There are different effects and patterns of colors of stars with a combination of red and lemon of w-shaped and v-shaped firing of brocade crown in the sky.  You can also see a multi colored glitter leading to some excellent crossettes of mixed colors and beautiful peonies. The most finale of the fireworks exhibit is a fan fired of a cloud of crackles.



Fireworks display is part of the 3-days affair of Capiztahan 2009 as Capiznons celebrates the 108th Foundation Celebration of the Province of Capiz, Philippines and commemorating the death Anniversary of President Manuel A. Roxas.


On April 15, 2009 at around 7:00 pm, twenty (20) local pyrotechnic manufacturers nationwide joins the fireworks competition and exhibition to be held at Villareal Stadium as part of the Capiztahan 2009 celebration.  The estimated total number of hours of this fireworks display according to Al Tesoro, Capiz Provincial Tourism Officer is two (2) hours.


The prices at stake in the competition are:

  • 1st prize – P200,000;
  • 2nd prize – P60,000;
  • 3rd prize – P 40,000 and ;
  • Consolation Prize – P 25,000

Last years Capiztahan, the fireworks competition was participated by ten (10) manufacturers all over the country.

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