CAPIZtahan 2009 National Fireworks Competition

The Capiz Local Government Unit headed by our Governor Victor Tanco with the cooperation of Pyrotechnic Association of the Philippines through its President, Harry delos Santos organized the National Fireworks Competition held here in Roxas City this April 15, 2009 as part of the celebration and main attraction of Capiztahan 2009.


Twenty (20) members of the Pyrotechnic Assoc. of the Philippines, mostly from national and local pyrotechnic manufacturers nationwide participated the fireworks competition held at Villareal Stadium this evening.  This is the 2nd time that Capiz hosted the Annual National Fireworks Competition of the association.


CAPIZtahan 2009 Fireworks Competition Video – Part 1 (Entry 1-3)


Capiz Board Member Ricky Martin, the Chairman for the Capiztahan 2009 Fireworks Competition through the support of Senator Mar Roxas was able to invite the following twenty (20) participants:


  1. St. Michael Fireworks (Dumanguete City)
  2. Anisan Fireworks (Sibulan, Negros Oriental)
  3. Rosca Fireworks (Bulacan)
  4. Las Buenas Enterprises (Cebu City)
  5. RB Fireworks (Oron, Cebu)
  6. Avila Fireworks (Lapu-lapu, Cebu)
  7. Ulyses Fireworks (Cebu City)
  8. Twin Cat Fireworks (Sta. Maria, Bulacan)
  9. Digispic Fireworks (Oroqueta City)
  10. Blue Thunder Fireworks (Sta. Maria, Bulacan)
  11. Frenz M Fireworks (Gen. Santos City)
  12. Tiger Fire (Sta. Maria, Bulacan)
  13. Joaquin Fireworks (Talamban, Cebu)
  14. Delumpa Fireworks (Iloilo City)
  15. Futec Fireworks (Pulilan, Bulacan)
  16. Skyline Fireworks (Bocaue, Bulacan)
  17. Six Fireworks (Valenzuela City, Metro Manila)
  18. DSS Fireworks (Dumanguete City)
  19. Nation Fireworks (Bulacan)
  20. Golden Thunder Fireworks (Sta. Maria Bulacan)

Judges of the competition who were mostly from the Tri-Media of Capiz judge the 20 contestants based on the following criteria’s:


  • Presentation  ………..   25%
  • Showmanship ………   20%
  • Character …………….   20%
  • Impact ………………..   20%
  • Design …………………   15 %

Total  ………………  100%


The Delumpa Fireworks from Iloilo City won the 1st prize of the 2nd Capiztahan National Fireworks  Competition with a prize of P100,000.00 + Trophy, while DSS Fireworks from Dumanguete City placed second (2nd) and took home P60,000.oo + Trophy and RB Fireworks from Oron, Cebu bagged third (3rd) and bring home P40,000.00 + Trophy.  Non-winning participants received an amount of P25,000.00 each as consolation prize.


Thousands of Capiznons flocked to Villareal Stadium and its surrounding areas; and witnessed the 2nd National Pyrotechnic/Fireworks Competition that lasted for 2 ½ hours.


CAPIZtahan 2009 Fireworks Competition Video – Part 2 (No. 4-7 Entries)



Last years Capiztahan, the fireworks competition was participated by ten (10) manufacturers all over the country.

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