TWO FOLD CELEBRATION: “The Sinadya sa Halaran 2009 and Western Visayas 2009 Tourism Assembly Winded up Successfully”

Sinadya sa Halaran 2009

                Another successful year of celebration was  proven again by the City of Roxas and the Province of Capiz in celebrating its 13th Sinadya sa Halaran Festival last Dec. 3-8, 2009. A remarkable occasion of fun, thanksgiving, showcase of festivity and as well as the unity of all the Capizeño. Bringing all together the different municipalities of Capiz, Local Government Units, business sectors, the DepEd, and among others who actively participated in this one-week celebration and merry-making of the grandest fiesta for all the Capizeño.

                Going back from its history, Sinadya sa Halaran Festival is actually composed of two festivals –the Sinadya Festival (City) and Halaran Festival (Province). Two different festival yet the same in a sense that, it seeks to glorify and give thanks to the Almighty God for the bountiful blessings that He had bestowed to the whole Roxas City, Capiz and for all the years to come.

                The Sinadya sa Halaran 2009 with its theme: “Kabahin sang Pag-ambitanay Pasangkaron, bilang Kabahin sang Kabuhing Capisnon”, truly reveals the rich tapestry of culture and traditions of Capiz as well as showing the true tradition of being a true Capiznon — solidarity and brotherhood, which enlivened the spirit of helping hands in times of rigors and hardships.

                The festival was officially opened with the Opening Salvo right after the promenade. Setting aside political differences, Gov. Victor Tanco and Mayor Vicente Bermejo led the fiesta opening as they both agreed for the common purpose of bringing the Capizeño ,  all the visitors and tourists to experience more than what they expect and ought to happen. To experience the luxury of pure and profuse Capiznon culture, witnessing the talents and artistry of the true Capisnon that is truly and worthy to be proud of.

                The festival highlighted several key activities for five days.  The Sinadya  sa Kalye, Lion  Dance, Mutya sang Halaran Pageant, Drum and Lyre Competition, Tambi-Palad, Misa sa Plaza, Capiz Product  Expo, Food  Festival, Fluvial Parade , Koronasyon sang Reyna  and Fire works Display were just some of its main attractions during the festivity.

                The “Sinadya sa Kalye”, participated by the Dept. of Education, Division of Roxas City and Capiz Division, showed their dancing prowess as the students energetically performed and glide their way as they exhibited street dances, well represented by different schools of Roxas City and Capiz. The street dancing was scheduled to all schools, comprising all schools in the districts of Roxas City, performing each day as to please all their spectators.

                Full of excitement and awe, watchers were all amazed as they have witnessed the Lion Dance in front of Provincial Capitol. Raging audiences interact with the Lion Dancers hearing lively music and banging sounds from all over the Provincial Capitol.

                Next on the list was the Drum and Lyre Competition at the Roxas City Plaza. With smooth rhythm and correct timing, the Drum and Lyre Corps showdown a competition echoed  on the City Plaza. Perfectly swaying hips of the majorettes surely  invited lots of audience to again witness the true treasure of Capiznon talents. There were 7 schools that participated on the said event, 4 from the elementary level and 3 from the secondary level. In the elementary level, Banica Elem. School, Pres. Manuel A. Roxas Memorial School-South, Plaridel East Elem. School and Dumolog Elem. School were ecstatic as they flaunt their talent on the Drum and Lyre Showdown. While the competition atmosphere was everywhere as Capiz Nat’l Highschool, St. Catherine Academy and St. Mary’s Academy did their best to compete, each vying for the crest of being the Champion in the Drum and Lyre Competition.

                  Featuring the beauty that a Capizeño undoubtedly possess was presented on the night of the Mutya sang Halaran Pageant 2009 sponsored by Capiz Lions Club participated by 16 lovely ladies to contend. From beauty, talent and wit, all were critiqued to choose who among is the best and have what it takes to be called the Mutya sang Halaran 2009. Combined with prim and glamour, Ms. Ivana Isidora Baes was finally hailed as the Mutya sang Halaran 2009.

                  With the purpose of promoting the best of Roxas City and Capiz, the Capiz Product Expo exhibited crafts and artworks all proudly Capiznon quality. And for those who wanted to enjoy the haven of scrumptious and mouth-watering seafoods, the Food Festival had proven that Roxas City is truly the renowned Seafoods Capital of the Philippines.

                  Before finally celebrating the feast of the Immaculate Concepcion, the day before the feast, the “Misa sa Plaza” was held for thanksgiving and praises to the Creator and Immaculate Concepcion for giving the whole Roxas City, Capiz bountiful blessings. After the mass was the Fluvial Parade or the Prusisyon sa Suba of the image of Immaculate Concepcion, Patron Saint of Immaculate Concepcion Metropolitan Cathedral on the Panay River. The river was much appreciated as its beauty radiates through the colorful floating candles busied on the water and the solemnity of the festival was felt through the Fluvial Parade of the Immaculate.

                   Also in the morning, a mass wedding or “Tambi-Palad” as it is locally called was held at the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral wherein, 223 couples stand on the altar to tie knot and finally accept the Sacrament of Marriage.

                  “Koronasyon sang Reyna” or the Coronation of the Fiesta Queen was much awaited by the local people as Queen Patricia “Trisha” Dalusung, being the Fiesta Queen had its shining moment and to formally accept the crown as the Sinadya sa Halaran Fiesta Queen 2009. Perfect visage, demure, beauty, wit, talent and a perfect smile, Queen Patricia “Trisha” Dalusung captured the beauty of a true Capizeña.

                    As for the finale of the key events of the festival, the Fireworks Display pre-dominantly draw and enticed numerous spectators comparing to other key events of the festivity as the peoples voices were heard above the din uttering words of amazement. Glittering colors emblazoned and filled in the skies that’s so inviting to witness and rove around the City.

                     Truly, Sinadya sa Halaran Festival has undeniably offered a lot to all its spectators that was surely delighted, entertained, contented and most of all, went home with that priceless smile and gladness curved on everyone’s faces. As it was clearly seen, the spirit of unity, and hospitality was again enlivened throughout the celebration with its warm, friendly and delighted people, reflecting the City and the Province’s simple and humble way of living which truthfully spells the unique culture and traditions of ROXAS CITY and  CAPIZ, Philippines.

Western Visayas 2009 Tourism Assembly

                      Added attraction to the Sinadya sa Halaran Festival was the Western Visayas 2009 Tourism Assembly. Upholding this year’s theme: “The National Tourism Act of 2009: Meeting the challenges of Domestic Tourism”, the Western Visayas counted the present year 2009 as one of its triumphant years as it celebrates the Western Visayas 2009 Tourism Assembly. It has surely justified that, not only Western Visayas but also the whole Philippines is truly the most enchanting country and land full of surprises. That God had given enough blessings to the Filipino people of its rich culture, traditions and captivating wonders and beauty that had enchanted visitors all over the world.

                      Dated Dec. 4, 2009 was the formal opening ceremony of the Western Visayas Tourism  Assembly 2009. Gathering together various festivals, the Western Visayas 2009 Tourism Assembly formally started from a Parade of Festivals starting   off at the City Plaza to the main streets of Roxas city   leading to the Villareal Stadium. Counting in are the Binanog Festival of Iloilo,  Ati-atihan  of Kalibo, Paraw Regatta and Dinagyang Festival also both from Iloilo, Binirayan of Antique, Panaad sa Negros  and  from Guimaras who took pride in participating in this affair. Showcasing their pristine cultural heritage and traditional dances, all are such a grandiose and fun festivals to celebrate and marvel.

                       This three-day remarkable event of celebration gave way to each neighboring places from western Visayas to proudly impart their treasured cultures and festivity slated Dec. 4-6, 2009.

                       After the promenade, the Western Visayas 2009 Tourism Assembly was officially opened followed by the Festival Showdown and the opening of WV Travel Fair Mart Exhibit. Each day was full of fun, showcase and surprises that had stirred up not only the townspeople but had also delighted many visitors and guests from other far places. Iloilo, Antique, Aklan, Negros Occidental, Bacolod and Guimaras took part on flaunting their talents during the cultural showcase held everyday at the Capiz Gymnasium.

                       While the most awaited highlight event of the Tourism Assembly was no doubt the Miss Western Visayas Tourism Pageant 2009. Nine lovely ladies contend for one title of being the Miss Western Visayas Tourism 2009 but, only one had been chosen as the best among the best. Representing the Province of Negros, Ms. Vicky Marie Milagrosa Rushton clutched the title as Miss Western Visayas Tourism 2009 putting Ms. Natalie Grace Roberts being the Ms. Dinagyang of Iloilo and Ms. Marie Aika Uy, Masskara Queen of Bacolod City as 1st and 2nd Runners-up respectively. Special awards were also given to Miss Western Visayas Tourism 2009 Miss Vicky Marie Milagrosa Rushton as Miss Festival Costume, Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown. Proving that intelligence will always make you more attractive, 1st Runner-up Miss Natalie Grace Roberts was awarded Best in Interview Award as she fluently made her witty remarks during the interview portion. Having a great character, warm, and friendly, 2nd Runner-up Miss Maria Aika Uy had proven that Bacolod City really is the so-called city of smiles as she bagged the Miss Congeniality Award. To our very own Mutya sa Sinadya sa Halaran 2008 Miss Jacqueline Kimpo did her striking pose, combined with beauty and perfect smile made her as Miss Photogenic of Western Visayas Pageant 2009.

                        The said event ended-up triumphantly bringing victors not only to those who have won the awards but to all the lovely ladies who had represented their places so well. Each emerged as winners for they were all deserving enough of the applause and praises giving their respective places great pride to be represented with this gorgeous ladies combined with glamour, prim, elegance, beauty and wit that upholds a true FILIPINA character.

 By April Grace Garcia


Photo Gallery of Western Visayas Tourism Assembly 2009

Sinadya sa Halaran 2009 Photos

TWO FOLD CELEBRATION: “The Sinadya sa Halaran 2009 and Western Visayas 2009 Tourism Assembly Winded up Successfully”


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  2. Flora May Juson

    classmate yung nasa picture:))

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  4. Thelma

    I really missed the Fiesta Celebration of Roxas City, way back in 1975 when I was only 15 years old, when I last celebrated the feast of Immaculate Concepcion before my family settled here in Metro Manila. I really loved and missed the place where I spent my childhood years in Capiz the hometown of my father. Hope next year my family could have a chance to go back there to celebrate our family reunion with our relatives even if our parents both passed away since 1998.

  5. kristine mariz denolo

    i really missed celebrating “Sinadya sa Halaran”. How i wish i could celebrate this coming december. I’ll make way to come and celebrate next year… I missed my friends there in roxas and my batchmates from SACR2008 Midwifery, see you when i’m there… I’m proud to be a Roxasnon…..

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