Why Mar Roxas Lost the Race? (A View From Capiz)

By Sarreal Discaya Soquiño

Most probably, allies and avid supporters of former Senator Mar Roxas have not yet fully understood why the candidate they supported for the vice presidential race last May 10 national polls lost against former Makati  Mayor Jejomar Binay, who consistently lagged behind in the poll surveys conducted by reputable pollsters. Certainly, various factors came into play during the campaign period that eventually influenced the outcome of the first automated election held in the country.

Despite Roxas’ strong showing in the poll surveys leaving behind comfortably Loren Legarda who was viewed by the Liberal Party (LP) as a closest contender of the man from Cubao in the contest for the vice presidential post, everybody was caught off-guard when Binay from the Partido ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) suddenly threatened Roxas’ chance to clinch the VP post. It was viewed by many observers that the 289 sister cities and municipalities of Makati Binay had established while he was the local chief of the wealthiest city in the country played a vital role in securing massive votes for him which Roxas failed to matched. Manila Standard columnist Emil P. Jurado wrote that those sister cities and municipalities have been receiving from Makati Php 1 million a month and other forms of assistance like ambulances and police patrol cars. Example, it was reported that the town of Malay, Aklan received two multi-cab vehicles in 2009 from the city of Makati.  These fortunate LGUs will certainly throw its support to a candidate who have delivered concrete assistance it badly needed than to a senator who had spent his time and energy enhancing for years his public image as the man in blue who loves to mingle with ordinary people in the marketplaces.

The reported infigthing between the Coryistas – the yellow Aquino group – and Roxas Camp during the campaign period may have caused a shifting of significant number of votes in the VP race that were expected to be for Roxas but it went to Binay. Everybody knows that Binay was a loyal friend and ally of the late President Cory Aquino. Thus it was without difficulty for the yellow group to embrace Binay as their candidate, and unhesitatingly junked Roxas. The Noy-Bi (Noynoy-Binay tandem) endorsement made by Senator Chiz Escudero, as the campaign period almost reached the homestretch, highlighted the preference of the Aquino supporters for the former Makati Mayor as Noynoy’s running mate. Of course, the yellow group would not admit the veracity of that view before the public. Admission of this fact will offend Roxas who generously slid down his bid for the vice presidential post and gave way to Noynoy as Liberal Party’s standard bearer. The ‘junk Roxas  story’ was confirmed when allies and supporters of Mar Roxas in Panay island blamed the core group of the Aquino camp who pushed for the Noy-Bi tandem that eventually weakened Roxas’ bid for the VP post.

Another interesting development that took place during the final days of the election campaign period was the survey result released by the Social Weather Station or SWS which announced that Binay had already tied with Roxas at 37%. Although surprised with Binay’s surge in the survey, the LP camp seemed to ignore it and, instead, focused steadily on Loren Legarda’s campaign activities as she was viewed by the LP as a possible strongest contender in the VP race against its candidate. No doubt, many voters who did not like the LP’s vice presidential bet voted for a candidate who can overcome Roxas’ lead, and hopefully win the race. The survey said; it could be possibly Binay; and their votes went to him. The shifting of votes from Loren to Jejomar ended, albeit temporarily, Mar’s political ambition.

Anyway, Binay’s victory made the 88,313 voters from the province of Capiz happy because they did not want to see Roxas clinch the VP post. Roxas won over Binay in Capiz with the margin of 116,526 votes. He garnered 204,839 votes while Binay got 88,313 votes. These 88,313 Capisnons believed that Roxas, who claims he’s from Capiz, had not brought significant contributions for the improvement of the local economy of the province. Capiz is considered as one of the poorest provinces in Western Visayas region. Roxas has wielded strong political influence in the local politics in Capiz for years, yet he had failed to use this opportunity to work with his local political allies in fighting poverty and unemployment. He should have discouraged the dominance of selfish vested interest and build a healthy business environment in the province that could encourage entry of investments and economic opportunities for the residents. So long as the Roxas-Araneta political hegemony cannot bring lasting and genuine material development to Capiz, and only its local allies have exclusively enjoyed the benefits of their influence, the ordinary Capisnon will eventually realize the irrelevance of Roxas and his lackeys in the political life of the province.

The 88,313 Capisnons who voted for Binay must be viewed as a form of rejection of Roxas presence in the province. The opposition is gradually growing. A harmless ripple might transform into a devastating tidal wave. It now started with the 88,313 votes.  In Capiz, a vote for Binay was a protest vote against Roxas.


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13 responses to “Why Mar Roxas Lost the Race? (A View From Capiz)

  1. dodong

    isa sa plus factor kung ngaman nag da-ug si Binay may hinimuan sa makati, during sang campaign ina ang iya pinakabala ang accomplishment sa makati. Si Mr. Palekiro Este Mr. Palengki Pala may ara hinimuan sa roxas city Capiz ang sabat WALAA!! yan ang wala sa kanya, isa tani ina ka plus factor sa iya, during campaign. Maayo Pa ang kalibo may international airport na, Roxas amo man gihapon, 2 flights or 1flight a day? Mr. Mar Roxas pauswagon mo muna ang capiz para makuha ang bilog nga supporta sa mga taga capiznon kung ikaw may balak tumakbo ulit sa pagka vice Pres. especially ang naka basi deri sa metro manila. SALAMAT>>>>

  2. japot

    Roxas city stilRoxas, who claims he’s from Capiz, had not brought significant contributions for the improvement of the local economy of the province. Capiz is considered as one of the poorest provinces in Western Visayas region..tsk tsk..Naging congressman na naging DTI SEC,Naging Senator na..Capiznun my natabo sa Capiz??? mau pa c Binay fr Mayor to VP ksi Ganito kmi sa Makati..hehe

  3. Raysie

    korek ka dong!!!!! ayon din sa aking pag obserba and roxas ay indi nag full support sa iya kay damo man ko nbatian nga ang roxas ay asta subong tysikul gihapon ang ginagamit na transpo sang mga taga roxas mismo… kya dapat palaguin nya muna ang sarili nyang hometown….. ksi makikita nman talaga na kulilat sa tanan nga city ang ROXAS….

  4. Dodoy

    Indi proud si mar nga capizn0n sya ky damu nku nkta s tv ads nya wla gd sng capizn0n nga w0rd ako nga nabatian s iya, ang mga kalaban nya hala gd nga panawagan kng diin cla nagdaku c mar ya waay gd. , te gaba s imu n0ng, i hate u coz roxas city is only yours, in investment, and other company, ayaw m0ng ipas0k s roxas city kng hindi ikaw ang stockh0lder. . .hel0w gaba. . .pirdi. . .

  5. dodong

    salamat raysie, for the political carrer of mar roxas after six years of aquino administration, sa panan-aw ko sa akon balaan nga kawa,kng magdalagan siya ulit sa pagka vice or pres. may tulog siya.after 1 year ban si mar kuno balik ulit sa DTI SEC. hambal ni P NOY, sana MA-AMBUNAN man sang grasya ang Capiznon, kng siya ginman-ulit ang magapungko DTI SEC!Sa mga “alta sosyudad” nga mga pamilya sa Roxas City nga “sipsip” wala man hinimuan sa capiz nga malapit kay mar,kag kay inday judy kuno tawag sa mga meyembro sang dagway kapisnon ining jerry roxas foundation, nga ila founder si inday judy,nga “Pauswagon niya ang Capiz” para pogi points sa 2016 kng may plano pa siya!
    kay mayor elect celino be the best mayor in roxas city kung amo ina ika uswag sang roxas Go! maski hinde pabor ang taga cubao, Roxas city 1st, not Cubao 1st, ang masadya basi unahan pa kita sang passi city sana hinde mangyari. Salamat!!! “MABUHAY ANG MGA CAPIZNON”

  6. truecapiznon

    In fairness, Sen. Mar have a lot of projects here in Capiz…

    It is an unfair accusation that he is not a proud Capiznon and have no projects here because he have various infrastructure projects in different municipalities in the first district.

    His lost is also the lost of capiznons…so sad that even his own “kasimanwas” have no faith in him…

    well…good luck to all of us…

  7. Neng, panalo ang article mo. I voted for him – my only regret in this wonderful election.

  8. Tata

    Balita ko nagprotesta na si Mar sa kanyang pagkatalo. 3 milyong boto ang hindi binilang nung nakaraang eleksyon. Sana magtagumpay si Mar sa bagong laban nya na ito.

  9. cloud

    IF not for mar roxas…di mag sikat ang roxas city nano man kami nga wala da sa roxas proud nga we have someone who represents us national level…damo believe kay mar nga indi taga CAPIZ admired him for his qualities..kung bal an nyo lang kung gano ka kurakot si binay sa makati,anyway stop the crab mentality people! para mag uswag ang Capiz.

  10. kilatda !

    Ang mga Capisnon nagpabutyag sang
    mabaskog nga mensahe sa mga roxas-araneta nga madugay na ginagamit ang
    Kapis nga ila lamang kapital sa pamulitika.

    Wala man nahimu-an nga dako nga mehora sa aton makalulo-oy nga probinsya.

    Kon imo sukaton ang pagdumala sang ila
    pamilya sa Kapis kapin cien anos (100 years) , daw “mong-it” lang ang ila nahimo.

    Ang ila kapalpakan amo ang padayon nga pagbutang sang mga lider pulitika
    nga puro gid kurakot kag song-nkak2 sa

    Ina mapawa pa sa adlaw sang ila pagtan-aw sa mga kapison. Subong balik naman
    kita sa ila “toril”.

    Apang, masakit gid ” kuya edi” ang kaperdihan sang ila” amo sa kubaw “.

    Marisi ! Hai diin kamo ?

  11. dodong

    nano ina! waay gid gina update sang provincial government ang website sang capiz,nag pa butang butang sa website tapos hinde man update kundi waay polos.

  12. Richard

    Wala siyang ginawa kung ‘di tirahin si GMA instead of campaigning on his own merits. Yung pagpa-pakyut niya sa mga ABS-CBN shows ay hindi rin nakatulong. Sayang!

  13. Juan de Roxas

    Halin sang una hasta subong, Roxas City amuman gyapon. Friends and families sang mga Roxases ang naga control sang businesses and investments. Amat amat na nga nabatyagan sang mga taga Roxas City nga wala gid sila makuha nga maayon nga palaabuton sa pagdumala sang mga Roxases. I will not be surprised if after several years mas progresibo pa ang Passi kaysa sa Roxas City. All because the Roxases got their hold in the people of Roxas in hook, line and sinker. In short, hawak sa liog kag sa punta sang buho sang ilong! Big investments in Roxas City will not be allowed to come in unless they are stockholders!

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