Position Paper of Book Project Services for Family Saga on the Proposed “Liberation of Capiz” Holiday

(Sent thru Email, December 16, 2010)

We, the officers of Book Project Services for Family Saga, would like to state that it was only the town proper of Capiz (now Roxas City), and not the province of Capiz, that was cleared of the Japanese on December 20, 1944. Allow us to present these pieces of information:

1. On December 20, 1944, the town proper of Capiz was cleared of the Japanese. The area cleared included the Capiz-Loctugan road, the Capiz-Culasi road, the Culasi seaport, Dayao, Tiza Hill, Libas Hill and Mongpong. Among the buildings cleared were the church, the municipal hall, the Provincial Capitol, Emmanuel hospital and Cine Victoria. [Source: Gamaliel Manikan, Guerilla Warfare on Panay Island in the Philippines (1976, 600-609)].
2. For lack of space, we would like to present only one proof that the province of Capiz was not liberated on December 20, 1944. Beyond the poblacion of the municipality of Capiz toward the direction of Iloilo, there were still Japanese soldiers holed up in some secure places. Our proof is Manikan’s account:

Once more, a short stalemate prevailed throughout the last week of December, as the enemy consolidated his defensive positions, while the 66th’s 2nd and 3rd Battalions cordoned Libas and Culasi. On December 23, 1944, a squad of the 66th Combat Company, led by Cpl. Pio Bunsalan, accompanied the 1st Battalion’s intelligence operatives who were going to reconnoiter the enemy positions and observe his activities at Culasi. En route, they were ambushed by an enemy patrol that had occupied a high hill. The leading scout was  wounded and a civilian agent was killed by the enemy’s first burst. Undaunted, Cpl. Bunsalan retaliated with his BAR and was himself wounded, although he continued to lead his men. When two of his men tried to rescue him, an enemy grenade finished Cpl. Bunsalan and wounded his rescuers. (Ibid, 606)

Sa malip-ot nga pulong, makahuluya nga makadto pa kita sa Konggreso para  magdeklarar nga holiday ang “Liberation of the Town Proper of Capiz (Roxas City). Indi naman ang bilog nga municipalidad ang libre na sa mga Hapon sadtong Disyembre 20, 1944.

Leothiny Clavel, PhD
Executive Director

Virgilio S. Clavel, MPM
Supervising Project Officer

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One response to “Position Paper of Book Project Services for Family Saga on the Proposed “Liberation of Capiz” Holiday

  1. For an ex-Capizenon who is now living overseas, this is great stuff.
    I wish to inform Prof. Leothiny Clavel of our Purisima HS Class 1962 Golden Reunion in May 25-26, 2012. He can join us in our PurisimaHSClass62 Yahoo group in this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PurisimaHSClass1962/
    Thank you so much.

    Nonelon Escubio
    HS Class 1962

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