RoxasCity.Gov.Ph – Roxas City Official Website is Down

It’s 2011.  Happy New Year to All!

Roxas City has a lot of changes now and improvements.  Since the City Mayor Alan Celino assumed his office last year, there are major changes implemented in the City.  This  is part of his platform of Government which is “4AC: 4 A Change”. Some of the notable physical changes and improvement in Roxas City are:

  • Palm Trees within the center island along the Arnaldo Boulevard Road
  • Reconstruction of the Rotunda Fountain Landmark
  • The implementation of Coding Scheme for Tricycles
  • The construction and repairs of drainage system of major streets and barangays in Roxas City
  • Roxas City Auxilliary Police (Traffic Enforcer) and Sanitary Health Workers
  • Fence barriers within the intersections along Gaisano Blvd and Pres. Manuel Roxas Mem. School to avoid traffic.
  • and many more …

But as of the beginning of year 2011, one of the major changes I’ve noticed online is the website of Roxas City Government.  As I visited the site to be updated about Roxas City, I’d noticed that the official website of Roxas City is down.  I am thinking that their hosting or domain expired, but as I asked my friends from Roxas City Hall, according to them, there will be a major changes on the website and plan to revise it.

I personally know who is maintaining and updating the Roxas City Official Website, because we’d been part of the development stage before.  The previous administration conducted a Web Design Contest for Sulong Roxas City Website almost 3 years ago, my team joined the contest but unfortunately we were not able to get the 1st Place, but we were happy because my colleague won the 1st Place and has the opportunity to do the maintenance of the site.  That was with the previous administration. And now, since we have a new elected City Mayor, does it really need to change the website that would suite his platform and branding?

Web Development for a new website like takes 3-5 weeks depending on the availability of information and capacity of the web developer. I do hope that the Official Roxas City Website will be up and be resolved soon. There are lots of Capiznon Online waiting and expecting news from the Roxas City Government.

Update (January 25, 2011):

New Official Roxas City WebsiteThe Official Website of Roxas City, Philippines ( ) is back, with its new branding and design.  Kudos to the developer/designer and the Roxas City Mayor Alan Celino.

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One response to “RoxasCity.Gov.Ph – Roxas City Official Website is Down

  1. Armand A. Alovera

    Please include a link of the governor’s office for easy access. Thanks.

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