Beast attack in Capiz?

‘Sigbin’ kills fowls anew, residents claim


ROXAS City — A suspected chupacabra, locally known as sigbin was again sighted in the province, reportedly sucking blood out of chickens and geese.

Marjorie Bunsalan of Pilar town said she saw a dog-looking creature attacking her chicken and geese.

She described the creature as “having red eyes” and stands “as high as human’s waist.”

“My children and I were then watching television. We were shocked when we heard a loud noise made by chickens at the back of our house,” she said, adding that the creature hurriedly left upon seeing them.

Other town residents attested to Bunsalan’s claims, saying they also saw the sigbin attack and ate their chicken and geese.

In 2008, residents of Brgy. Dumolog here believed that a sigbin killed their chickens. The fowls were found headless.

Jojo Canobida of Sitio Paon, Brgy. Dumulog here, also claimed seeing a dog-like beast attacking his chickens. He said the beast sucked the blood out of his chickens.

Chupacabra is a cryptid — a creature which existence has been suggested but is unrecognized by a scientific consensus — which means “goatsucker.”

It is a legendary creature believed to have inhabited parts of the Americas.

Sometime in 2007, two goats in Brgy. Lawaan here were also allegedly attacked by the same creature.

The owner, Engr. Joel Jumbas, could not ascertain how his two goats died.

But the animals’ caretaker, Wilfredo Fano, told Jumbas that a sigbin might have slaughtered the goats.

Jumbas is raising goats inside the compound of the Provincial Engineer’s Office in Brgy. Lawaan near the Capiz Rehabilitation Center./PN


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2 responses to “Beast attack in Capiz?

  1. tugztakols

    hatagi ko sang proheba nga may aswang sa capiz


    kung may mga creatures yang lugar na yan.. ano ang sigbin????

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