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Holy Week Celebration in Capiz, Philippines

The Holy Week Celebration in Capiz, Philippines is different charm for everyone that combines native traditions and modern day touches with numerous innovations. This has been considered as the holiest week. As Pan-ay town and Capiz became the center of Catholicism in the Panay Island during the Spanish colonization in 18th century, Capiznon tradition in celebrating Holy Week was greatly influenced by Spanish conquistadores.

Holy Week in Roxas City, Philippines

Holy Week Procession during Good Friday at Roxas City, Philippines

Lenten season has been solemnly observed by Capizeño through “Pagpamalandung” with a mixture of pagan rituals and “Panimad-on” or superstitions. Others where busy looking for “Pangalap” or amulet in the mountains and caves in Capiz specially during Good Friday where they believed could protect them from harm, physical or otherwise.  Some are fulfilling their vows or “pana-ad” through “penitensya” or penitence, sacrifices, myriad of flagellants, “puasa” or fasting; and church visits or “visita iglesia”

Holy Week Processions in Good Friday is one of the spectacular activity should’nt be missed.

Lenten season is also a chance for family members, batchmates, classmates, kababata and barkadas to be reunited in which majority of them where having their vacations. Continue reading

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