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DUNGOG: Indigenous Peoples Festival 2009

October 2-6, 2009 – Villareal Stadium, Roxas City

Dungog: Indigenous Peoples Festival 2009

Roxas City, Philippines – Capiz Provincial Government through the leadership of Governor Victor A. Tanco, Sr., en masse with National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Subcommission on Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts will hold DUNGOG: Indigenous Peoples (IP) Festival 2009 at Villareal Stadium, Roxas City Philippines on October 2-6, 2009. 

DUNGOG, is a local Hiligaynon term means dignity and to the other communities as to listen, is the IP celebration that will brings together 110 ethno-linguistic groups nationwide in which the vividness of tradition, customs and cultural practices will be featured. 

Indigenous cultural communities that are expected to attend  are Gaddang, Kankana-ey, Ifugao, Kalinga, Jama Mapun, Palawani and Molbog, Pala’wan, mangyan, Agta/Ita, Lineyte/Samarnon, Panay Bukidnon, Ati, Akeanon/Hiligaynon/Kinaray-a, Bagobo, Subanen, Tausug and Sama. These IP’s are descendants of the original inhabitants of this archipelago who have somehow managed to resist centuries of colonization and in the process have retained their own customs, traditions and ways of life.
To aid this once in a life time event for Capiz,  the NCCA allocated budgets of 6 million pesos while the Province of Capiz came up with 2.1 million pesos as counterpart fund.  Continue reading


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