Discover why tourist where captivated by the mystic beauty of the Province of Capiz and experience the joy of lower cost of living and the simple pleasures of high quality of life. Be proud of being a Capiznon, visit Captivating Capiz page for more information.

Capiznon” is derived from the word kapis, a seashells used to make square panes for windows and the suffix “non” for people. The term refers to the culture, language, and people of Capiz province.

Capiznon Online is a blog designed to all Capiceño around the world.  This serves as a repository of information about Capiz, all its municipalities and Roxas City. Music, news, blogs and other related information are covered in this blog.  Learn about Capizeños way of life, tradition, culture and history.  It is simply bewitching to taste the abundant, mouth watering and sumptous seafoods and uncovered the mysteries of its scenic and coastal environment.

Please feel free to post comments, submit requests, and even contact any of the authors if you would like to submit your own post.  You can also join the Facebook Capisnon Online Community.

The Author

Romsoft97 is the screen name of Rommel B. Sario, a fulltime Computer Instructor at Filamer Christian University. A native of Roxas City and proud Capiznon. Rommel develops and design website and blog, as well as offers Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing Services.  He also offers IT Consultancy and mentoring.  He shares is knowledge and experiences in Internet Marketing to his students at Filamer Christian University as well as through seminars and conferences. A member of Philippines Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE).

At present, he is employed as SEO Specialist and Project Manager at Berean SEO Consulting, Dallas, TX, USA.


Feel free to post any questions or requests here. We will attempt to address all reasonable requests in a timely manner. You can also send requests via email to: :rommelsario.fcu@gmail.com.

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18 responses to “About

  1. hi!!! musta sir!!! hehe nice content of your Blogs!!!!

  2. It’s good thing to know that someone like you, do this unselfish expertise you have. This will unite all Capizenos accross the world “UNITE”

    Maayo ky ang gina palapnag mo ang imo nga abilidad sa bug os nga kalibutan. Wala mo gina tago. I salute you in doing this.. It makes me proud to be a Capizeno..


  3. Markly,
    Thank you so much. I do really appreciate your comments. I do hope more Capiznons will contribute their stories and articles about Capiz. Sulong… Roxas City!.. Pag-ulikid.. Sa Capiz!.. Proud to be Capiznon..

  4. neesha

    hello! i wonder if you will accept contributions. i was thinking maybe a feature of the great restaurants and new cool spots here in roxas city?

    let me know, be happy to help. take care!

  5. hi neesha:
    I would greatly appreciate if you could contribute articles related to Capiz and specially if it is really informative and will contribute to the development of this blog. Just send me your articles through email, it would be great if you have pictures to support also. Email me at romsoft97@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

  6. Good Luck and Congratulations.

    Having this type of Online Contest means a lot to the our province. 🙂

    Proud to be a Pangayaw in Capiz

  7. Michael

    Just a couple of years leaving my province (Capiz) looking for a job, and I was amazed of its great development.

    Go for it, someone like me missing that place at all.

    I’m proud to be a Capizeño too.

  8. Michael C. Pendon MCP, MCTS (Web, Windows, Distributed), MCPD-EA

    For everyone watching pictures/videos, and reading comments from this Website.

    I realize how much dedication of the person who made this Website. He personally introduces me this site and it’s really amazing/impressive stating everything what we can found from our beloved province (Capiz).

    Big thanks to you! You know who you are. Because of this, I realize and face out what I have done and what I have been for the couple of years. This is my legacy and the one should I been for the future. Because of this I saw the difference of being a Capizeño.

    I’ve just giving importance the past of being innocent. He is my ever my mentor taught me how to do a simple DOS related applications, and it was developed by dedication becoming a click-and-drag applications. He is no other than Rommel B. Sario (FCC CCS-Dean). And now, where I am, what I am, and who I am writing this stuff. I really admire and cheer you most my sensei.

  9. hedlaw ngd q sa tapaz ahh… promise kung dd2 ka ndi kgd mboring ky damu nami lugar.

  10. Thanks for stopping by at my site. I’ll hyperlink this site and other interesting ones from here.

  11. Patient Teacher

    hello sir.

    would you know of an international gathering of satanists and witches on the lenten season next week in capiz and siquijor?

    i just got a text requesting for prayers regarding this matter.

  12. burndvinyard

    in the first place, witches and satanists do not agree with each other. satanists stole the pagan symbol of the pentagram from the wiccas. no way, they can be doing such conference. moreover, eventhough wiccas(witches) are pagans, they have developed this respect towards Jesus Christ, and not to Satan.

  13. santille buhat

    sir, i’m also a capizeno but currently based in Manila because of studies. i’m a student major in tourism at UST, It was really nice reading your article., its a way of reminiscing my home town, making me feel proud of where i came from. thank you for a wonderful and supportive article for the province of capiz!! mabuhay po kayo.

  14. Ben Begonia

    I’m trying to find out the rates or other monetary considerations for a weekend stay or longer. Looking for a March visit. Please send info if possible. Thanks…

  15. Jenny Francisco

    Hi Rommel & Benjie:

    My group would like to extend our appreciation for the hospitality that you provided during our visit to Olotayan. The place may not be as amazing as Boracay or Bohol but its just as captivating. The clear water, serene environment and the great feast cooked for us was something to talk about and remember for a long time.

    We will send pictures soon. Rest assured that we will recommend the place when someone decides to visit Capiz. Once again our deepest thanks..

  16. Please visit my blog specially created for Terengganu, Malaysia Tourism competition. A lot of informations and scenary pictures to see. This page is with google translator. Thank you.

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