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Mina sa Probinsya sang Capiz by Madia-as Ecological Movement

Mina sa Probinsya sang Capiz by Madia-as Ecological Movement

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by: Grizelda“Gerthie” Mayo-Anda, ELAC


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Philippine Mining Situation and Peoples Struggle

Philippine Mining Situation and Peoples Struggle

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Earth Hour 2009 overwhelmingly participated worldwide. . .

     Roxas City – The observance of the Earth Hour 2009 last Saturday was overwhelmingly participated by over 15-million Filipinos in about 647 major cities and towns across the country who switched-off their lights for 60 minutes topping all other countries for the biggest number of participation trailed by Greece with 484 and Australia with 309 – proving that Filipinos rise up and unite to the challenge of climate change. 

      The World Wildlife Fund – Philippines reported based on preliminary reports indicate that 611MWh of power was saved during the black-out – equivalent to shutting down a dozen coal-fired power plants for 60 minutes. A total of 386MWh was saved in Luzon, 150MWh in Mindanao and 75MWh in the Visayas. The organizers of this year’s call hoped for the participation of at least 1000 cities and towns worldwide, the group said. Continue reading

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Earth Hour 2009: Dark Night in Capiz

       A global campaign that urges people from all walks of life to turn off non-essential lights from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pmearth-hour-capiz last March 28, Saturday, as an expression of support and concern for the environment. It encourages every one not to use electricity for an hour, more so to use the time to reflect on the sad state of the environment and the world. Specifically, it is also a serious campaign calling for a sustained action against global warming and climate change. 

      In our little participation, we were able to help create awareness to protect the environment and encouraged other people to do their part to support this international campaign. 

      Earth Hour 2009 involved more than 15 million of Filipinos across the country from 650 major towns and cities from distant islands including Roxas City and Province of Capiz. Globally, it aimed to reach at least 1-billion people in at least 1,000 cities all over the world.   The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) said the Philippines had the highest participation followed by Greece with 484 participating towns and cities. Continue reading


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