Photo Gallery : Roxas City, Capiz Pictures

Captivating CapizSimply Bewitching
an awesome sights to behold about Capiz and Roxas City

A collection of pictures / photos about Capiz and Roxas City

Panoramic View of City of Roxas

Panoramic View of City of Roxas

La Playa de Roxas, Brgy. Bay-bay, Roxas City

La Playa de Roxas, Brgy. Bay-bay, Roxas City

The New Peoples Park at Baybay Beach, the location of previous seafoods plaza at baybay

The New Peoples Park at Baybay Beach, the location of previous seafoods plaza at Baybay

Capiz Bridge connecting Roxas City Main Plaza and Roxas Avenue

Capiz Bridge connecting Roxas City Main Plaza and Roxas Avenue

Panoramic View of Olotayan Island and Roxas City

Panoramic View of Olotayan Island and Roxas City

The Panoramic View of Roxas City from Brgy. Culasi (Village)

The Panoramic View of Roxas City from Brgy. Culasi (Village)

Sta Monica Parish Church, Panay Capiz

Sta Monica Parish Church, Panay Capiz

Villa Consorcia's main swimming pool with the winding slide towering to a height of thirty five feet in its apex.

Villa Consorcia's main swimming pool with the winding slide towering to a height of thirty five feet in its apex.

Sta. Ana Farm Resort, Brgy. Ilaya, Ivisan, Capiz

Sta. Ana Farm Resort, Brgy. Ilaya, Ivisan, Capiz

San Antonio Resort Village, Brgy. Bay-bay, Roxas City

San Antonio Resort Village, Brgy. Bay-bay, Roxas City

Coco Veranda Bar & Restaurant
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165 responses to “Photo Gallery : Roxas City, Capiz Pictures

  1. joan

    Good day!!!
    Have a nice photos and features of the website…I’m proud to be a Capizeños…Good Luck and More Power…Mabuhay ang Capiz!!!

  2. Hannah

    Yeah… so cool.. That’s Capiz! I love my province and proud to be a Capizeño….Mabuhay!

  3. cezar!!!!

    i love to become a capiznon!!!!!!
    ganda ng mga pix!!!

  4. Joann, Cezar & Hannah:
    Thanks for visitng our site. There are lots of pictures about Captivating Capiz will be posted soon. Simply captivating… and dagway Capiznon.

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    • Elna Achey

      Thanks for posting some pictures of Capiz… I love to see them… brings out a lot of memories… can’t wait to go home again and sample the seafood….

  6. rhizza

    can you view some more captivating views of roxas city ? Yup am proud to be a true capizena at all. My friends here in Dubai are enjoying seafoods products and they want to see more plus the beautiful places too.

  7. cool photos…hope that all the tourists spots here in capiz will be posts here…

  8. haLf_haRteD

    oh yahhh!!!!!!!!!ai LiKE cApiZ vERy MuCH!!!!!!!!!

  9. looking at the pictures, I feel so proud of my province. Keep it up pipz. Peace t’all Capizeños☻

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  11. Estrelita

    hi thank you for posting about mangrove in Brgy.Culajao, taga culajao din kasi ako…keep up the good works guys….kaya lang bakit ba hanggang ngayon Gaisano lang din ang mall sa Roxas?bakit wala man sm…

  12. Indeed, Capiz is one of the must see tourist spot in the world. So people of the world what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy here in CAPIZ!

  13. i love the sea food of my beloved capiz.

  14. Arnel Ambuan

    I enjoyed viewing the spectacular sceneries of my birthplace. I missed every one of it. If I can just go home every year just to experience the beauty of Roxas City and Capiz and feel the warmest hospitality of the residents, I will.
    I really appreciate this website. Keep going and capture more candid pictures!
    You did an excellent job!
    Proud to be a Capizeno in the USA..

  15. maricar

    i love capiz… hnd ko 2 lupang sinilangan pero dito ako lumaki… i miss roxas city… god bless us all….

  16. mae

    nice photo’s…., ang galing ng pagkakuha ng sunset sa pinaypayan tga dun kc ako eh..!salamat sa ngpost ng website na toh…!try to post more photos

    • Thanks mae, I was able to take the photo after we distributed a relief goods to the flood victim at Pinaypayan Bolo area caused by Typhoon Frank last June 2008. More pictures posted at this site soon.

  17. wbrad03

    Congratulations! to the creator of this blog…. nice pics…

  18. nice! I like the “mantalinga island” photo.. kudos for the “lightning”.. was it sheer luck or you have actually waited for it patiently to appear and took your shot? anyhow, nice job you’ve got here.. I think you are in the right track.. hehehe unlike me, I still don’t know what to do with my blog, hahaha..


    hello”’to all capiznon”i really love the pictures”’i miss the places posted”esp.suhot cave in Dumalag”Pangilatan Falls in tapaz”and nice beach”in roxas city””i’ve been before in almost posted pictures”’here”’hope i can come again”’there”soon”’with my baby and my foriegner husband fr ARIZONA USA….tnx guy’s god bless u all”’be proud to be capiznon”

    • renelyn, thanks… we shoud be proud of what we have… We have a lot of potential tourism destinations in Capiz. Just help us promote this site to our fellow Capiznon. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

    • Frank Delfin

      Can ask you something are related with Ms. Josephine Agurre of Sapi-an Capiz, if you are hows is she now, i’m her batchmate at Colegio dela Purisima Concepcion in college, BSC garduate batch 1989, thanks if you can reply thru my email “”

  20. sheng

    awesome post of scenic beauty of capiz…. love it really… great work guyz…keep goin…. sorry had stolen some of the pics… wanna post it in my multiply.. fs… & perfs account…. peace!!!! 🙂 proud to be capizeno… 🙂

    • sheng: tnx for visiting my blog, this is one way to promote the beauty of our beloved province. It’s ok if you have taken some pictures as long as you put a link to my blog.

  21. sheng

    sure i will… thanks 🙂 goodluck & be still in promoting capiz… Have a wondrous holiday ahead 🙂

  22. aki

    as always im proud to be a capizeño, posting of captivating pictures taken from different spots specially the pangilatan falls in tapaz reminds me my happy memories in that falls where in i use to swim when i was a kid thats was a long time ago but not too long … three decades??…… .. thank you and more power….

  23. hi….. ang ganda i proud to be one of capiznon sa panay ako lumaki at nag aral sa panay central school at high school sa comm. luis r asis national high school na miss ko sobra umuwi sa bayan kung san ako lumaki at nag kaisip baka next year makauwi me , salamat sa nag upload

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  25. exploreaklan

    really cool pics. I love the one with the lightning. its difficult to catch on cam. more power…

  26. loni arboleda

    its nice to see your town one more time even if one been away for so long, still it gives a warm feeling of desire of going back if given a chance and time,i am a capiznon sapi-an damayan

  27. mhy-mhy

    finally, may website na rin ang bayang magiliw natin. nice picture! iba talaga ang sunset jan sa roxas.. i miss my hometown lalo na ang talaba, pakas and tuyo. whewww!!!

  28. joel

    awesome…what a big improvement, i cant wait to be home again…to the people of roxas, what a nice job…continue the good work, and have a self discipline…more power to roxas, and im proud to be a capiziño…

  29. Gilbert G

    sugoi shashin desu ne (truly great pictures).
    Capiz is really captivativating – simply bewitching!
    Upon looking at the beautiful sceneries, delicious seafood, and nice capiz products i realized that there`s no place as great as my hometown – roxas city, capiz.
    akemashite omedetou gozaimasu (あけましておめでとうございます)ーa Happy New Year Greetings from the land of the Rising Sun…JAPAN
    Ganbate ne (Good luck)

  30. nhorey

    ganda ng Capiz!!!!!! sana one day,.,,., makapunta aq,.,.,ggggggggggggggoooooogooogooo!!

  31. jake

    I really miss the place where i was made for real…….keep it up guys thnx for posting new pics of our beloved city..Roxas City CApiz wheeewwww!!

  32. …the best talaga ang tapaz i hope sumday tapaz is one improvement town and famous town.. dami kc maga2ndang lugar na d pa na discover like dam, namat-an..etc..

  33. Jud

    Excellent job guys…..well done!!!!! my collegue in Buckinghamshire are facinated with the photos.they are very keen to visit philippines specially where i live…..Roxas city, CAPIZ…..lovely food…..yum,yum……uhmmm sea foods…(who’s the 4 brothers?)

    • Thanks Jud, be proud of our beloved province. … about the 4 brothers… within Roxas City Rotunda.. (it might be… Sen. Mar Roxas, Mayor Bermejo, Congressman Del Rosario & Governor Tanco?)… Top Local & National Officials of our Province.

  34. Maybelle Fale

    Congratulations and thanks for this site… been sharing this with my students and my co-teachers.

    I can’t just hide my Pinoy pride!

    • Mam Maybelle, Thanks for visiting and sharing this blog to your students and co-teachers. This is one way of promoting our beloved Province of Capiz… and be proud of it. From what school are you? It’s good also if your students will learn blogging too.. You can email your stories or articles to me for posting.

      • Maybelle Fale


        I had been a teacher at Dumalag Vocational Technical School in Dumalag, Capiz from 1985 to 2006. Currently, I am a high school teacher here at Charlotte Amalie High School, US Virgin Islands, one of the beautiful islands here in the Caribbean. In fact it is named ” America’s Paradise”.

        Whenever I have the chance, I would open this site and share our culture with my students and my teacher-assistants in our Promethean Board.

        Hope you’ll keep the pictures and information in this site updated.


    • mr. f. m. bontipola

      Hi maybell,

      you’re a filamerian… and a capezenia… and me too… kamusta?

  35. Anthony Castillo

    …I played the snare drum and wore the red, white and blue for “Muranthoy” in the early 80’s during fiesta. “Uruho” tribe fron San Roque St. was our nemesis. I was also a skateboarder for the “Blue bombers” skaters when the skating rink (right across the police station) was rockin’ in ’81 (maybe ’80). The “Red warriors” was the opposing team. “Xanadu” was in the theaters. There were 7 “sinehan” back then – May, Rox, King, Arthur, Geline, Victoria and Cinema. You get the coveted Adidas kicks at Engas at Roxas Av. You get your Levi’s at Peb-peds in Magallanes or your “Wrangler” jeans at Timmys by the bridge. For a bargain, you buy one/take one at Nandwanis then get your other blings at Bonjing bazaar. Burgers at D & E. Tricycle fare was 50 cents……..I miss all that…..

    • Sir Anthony,… memories still lingers in your mind… but majority of the place you’ve mentioned could not be found now here in the developing Roxas City…. “Moranthoy” and “Kauswagan” are not playing drums now during fiesta…”Skating Rink” now was converted into the new office of City Health; there were only one remaining theather operating in Roxas City, and that was located at Gaisano… and take note… only one movie played at a time… unlike before… “may double pa”… hehehehehehehe…Nandwanis and Bonjing Bazaar was already closed.

  36. Anthony Castillo

    ….romsoft97….i know, ‘went back there in ’07 and saw all the changes 25 years since i left (82). ‘just got a bit nostalgic and home-sick when I saw this page. Thanks to you, other capiznons away from home probably had a mile-wide smile like I did. Great aerial shot of my home town, Pan-ay. My old house ‘almost’ made it on that frame. ‘will be forwarding this to others………BTW, nothing better than paying for double movies back in the days!

    • sir anthony… more pictures and articles related to our beloved province will be posted soon.. You can support this blog by sharing this to fellow Capiznon abroad.. or you may sent your stories or articles that is related of being Capiznon.

  37. Thanks too for checking out my blog, good job here too showing our beautiful city and province to different viewers worldwide. May in this way they can discover the hospitable citizens of Roxas and what the city has to offer.

    Keep it up!

  38. Jon Agbulos

    Nice photo Gallery in Capiz, specially in Roxas City, I miss Roxas City, kindly Send me A picture of all Magallenes Street specially the new building of Crown Tech Computer Company

  39. taga dumaguete

    yogs, nano na ina…kumusta sa imo, SMB! email ka?
    kumusta sila tanan sa inyo balay.

  40. taga dumaguete

    Thank you for the pics>>>and the memories, God bless

  41. Ganda talaga ng Capiz!
    Ganda rin naman ng Dumarao, try niyo i-visit!

  42. jhendrian

    talaga namang maganda ang capiz,,kaya im very proud rin na napabilang na maging capiznon,,biskan hindi ako dito pinanganak…im very happy na,, dito naman ako nakatira ngayon..

  43. Hi… its me again… hehe
    nice new pics. hehe. Pwede ta ka link exchange??? hehe thanks gid and more power.

  44. thanks guid…. hehe… xnca dugay ko nakahimu sang link para sa imu. ari pa ko dan sa iloilo, nagshoot pko for paraw.. thanks guid liwat and more power…

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  47. boy saudi


  48. wildy

    ang ganda na nang roxas ahhh tagal tagal narin akong di nakakauwi jan sa panitan from iraq

  49. Cecilia Balpongo

    Ako taga Maayon pero nakatira na rin ako ngayon sa Roxas City sana nga may SM at McDonald pero siguro sa harap ng engineering building ng La Purisima papatayuan yata ng SM…. There were 7 “sinehan” back then – May, Rox, King, Arthur, Geline, Victoria and Cinema. You get the coveted Adidas kicks at Engas at Roxas Av. You get your Levi’s at Peb-peds in Magallanes or your “Wrangler” jeans at Timmys by the bridge. For a bargain, you buy one/take one at Nandwanis then get your other blings at Bonjing bazaar. Burgers at D & E. Tricycle fare was 50 cents……..I miss all that…..hehehe naku nasa Roxas city din ako noong mga 1982 until 1985 naku nanunuod ako palagi ng movie noon sa May at yong malapit sa La Puerza dati Victoria nga yata ang pangalan noon pero ngayon magandang Hotel na at may hot water system pa ang shower kaya nga lang mahal lol idad ko noon siguro mga 17 yrs old until 20 yrs old ako noon pero na mimissed ko rin yong mga dating shop at yong palingki sa likod ng La Purisima……. last year may McDonald na kaso lang yong malaking truck na ginawang McDo nagtesting lang yata sila kung malakas rin ba oh hindi tinanong ko nga eh kung bakit hindi nalang sila mag stay ng matagal kaso pupunta daw sila ng Aklan at naghihingi yata sila ng permission na kung pwede sila makapatayo diyan sa roxas city ng McDonald pero aywan ko kung pinayagan sila???
    Hi romsoft thanks na ginawa mo ito maraming salamat i really miss Roxas City even my son earlier his telling me he wish na nasa Roxas siya paano kasi walang siyang ginawa kondi manunuod ng tv at matulog or magpunta sa baybay beach lol hopefully na makavisita na naman kami ulit diyan sa year 2010.


  50. Elmer

    Kudos to my good friend & classmate Anthony for sharing this site…the pictures are indeed fascinating…makes me smile and teary-eyed remembering the good old days of most of my adolescent life…back then, we can just go anywhere in the city on our trusty bmx bikes & do wheelies along arnaldo blvd. from purisima to tanque without fear of being hit by overloaded tricycles…play pingpong at the evangelical church…play family computer in front of st. anthony…eat pizza at pizza junction in rizal st….its really a great place as i remember it…went back 5 years ago and found a lot has changed…thanks romsoft97 for bringing back the good old days…and sharing the new roxas city…keep up the good work…cheers from a Capizeno here in down under (aus.)

    • cecil

      Hi Elmer which part ng down under ikaw? because i lived in down under too

      • I was in Perth but I left already, had to move to where the greener pastures are (work)…im here now in Seoul, S.K…sa diin ka sa Aus? classmate ko ara da sa Townsville married to an aussie.

  51. Evelyn

    Ang ganda na ng mga picture na na captured nyo sa Basiao Beach, sana madagdagan pa ung mga picture ng Basiao Beach kasi taga roon ako. Pati ung mga resort sana makunan nyo rin

  52. Evelyn

    Please capture some pictures of Basiao, Marangcalan, specially the resort there.

  53. Some very good information on life in the philippines. I love your pictures. Very nice..

  54. gen

    wow ang ganda naman pala ng capiz,
    sana mag improbe ulit yong pinalangga ko nga banwa sang capiz, sulong capiz.

  55. gen

    i’m proud to be capiznon
    sulong capiz

  56. Wilvs Apoyo

    WOW Great Pic’s. I love Capiz very much…. Hay wait for me Roxas… How I wish damo na sang Hang out nightly… Nakakasawa ang workaholic person… i hope when I spent my vacation there this coming DEC. Damo paguid ko malagawan… GO GO GO Capiz !!!!

  57. Cecil

    How about in front of baybay beach i really would love to see those big houses in front of it they’re very beautiful and on the otherside is the ihaw ihaw why is not on this website romsoft?
    please put some more photos…..

    thank you romsoft coz thats what i really missed 😀

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  59. L. A.

    I indeed love those pixs…sooo beautiful, fascinating, captivating, and bewitching…more particularly the one with the lightning .
    I missed the life in Roxas City/ Capiz, the food and the people . I could not wait to step my foot back in my hometown once again. For now , im just contented reminiscing the memories of my past and the beauty and exciting old days of my youth ….in my beloved hometown…IVISAN.

    Anyway keep up the good work guys. I’m looking forward to see more photos of Roxas and Capiz. I love Capiz and very proud to be a Capiznon.

  60. Anne

    Great pics!!!! I wish it would be that easy to jump on a plane and go home….. I am sooooo proud of Capiz especially my home sweet home Ivisan…. I have never been ashamed of the fact that I come from Capiz— when people quiz me bout aswangs, i just laugh at them… eh di sana lahat aswang na if there is one…. the mystery of Capiz will always be its main attraction plus of course the sceneries and the people…. Congratulations guys!!!!

  61. Anne

    really L.A. you’re also from Ivisan? Me too…. So nice to go back home indeed….

  62. L. A.

    Yes, Anne …Im a native of Cudian,Ivisan. I’m happy to know that you’re from Ivisan as well. Let us wish our native place peace and prosperity nalang. Uwing-uwi ka na rin siguro ano? I could not blame you , ‘coz I feel the same… pati na asawa ko at mga anak ko. They miss running around and playing with with their mates games like marbles, “text”, or just merely running along the ” pilapil “. They miss the beach…walang sawa ang mga iyon….pagnandyan kami ….every Saturday morning sa beach kami tapos sa Marcs kakain ng BBQ. Atbp mga activities na hindi mo pagsawaan. Nakakamiss talaga!!!!!!!

  63. Mr. Jaime Benedict

    its nice to see your hometown especially when your far away….like me! if i miss capiz (pontevedra) i search this website. hoping for more pictures….thank you and more power!!!

  64. Cecil

    me too especially the middle of the town because i can’t take this picture unless i guess i’m on the airplane lol or i copy it and paste to my file can i do that romsoft :))

  65. prim

    haay… nkaka miss ang capiz.daming memories na masaya and sad but still there’s no place like home ika nga.i missed the sinadya sa halaran(almost 3 years na la ko karampa)huhuhu..,,i missed my friends and the best sea foods i ever tasted(wala d ya dbi alimango sa Dubai)…I keep on praying that this year i can come home and experience the sinadya again…more photos please… and pwede bang mag special request?pwede bang i post nyo ang past and present mutya of sinadya sa halaran?thank you!more power to all of you there!im proud to be a capizeno.G0,go,go Capiz!

    Prim of Dubai

  66. My friend on Orkut shared this link and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

  67. i love Capiz…nothing could compare to its beauty and its loving,”HANDSOME & BEAUTIFUL” people..
    GOD speed…

  68. mr. f. m. bontipola

    nahidlaw na gid takon mag lagaw lagaw sa roxas ah, manami nga baybay kag manami nga mga pamatasan sang mga tawo ang labi ko gid nga na miss. sa mga maestra kag mga maestro ko da sa filamer christian college kamusta na kamu tanan.

    nami man da mga pagkaun labi nagi da sa pizza junction kag sa rml manukan, dira ko naga ubra sang una asta ako naka tapos sa akon nga kurso sa filamer. thank you gid kay madam agnes andrada kag kay sir oscar.

    kadto bala kamu to sa roxas kay malingaw gid kamu.

    its me… fredenil m. bontipola

  69. Thanks for this site. Now this site in my rss reader.

  70. jimmy denubo

    kmsta na tga miz q na sarili qng bayan..masarap ang alimango, sna mg mprob pa ulit ang capiz,at ung bayan qng panitan,taga intampilan poh aq,miz q na din ang halaran jan,dti aq pa ang sumasayaw bilang pikak aq nung nagaaral pa aq sa capiz national high view nmn un 2008 halaran dati plz,,

    • cory

      haha aq din na miss q na ang capiz… haist san o pa q makapuli sa capiz 5 years na… haha i mis my classmate in Capiz National High School.. Batch 2004 I missed u guyz… Hope we see each other… Gudluck 2 ol of us..

  71. jimmy denubo

    im from intampilan panitan.nice picture,,na miz q tuloy mga pagkain sa capiz.. seafood is capital of roxas,kya masasarap ang mga seafood miz q un lahat.god bleess you tga capiz,,bye bye

    • Hi Jimmy, were relatives siguro, taga panitan man ang tatay ko, cogon to be specific. now we’re living in laguna and i am here in seoul (work mode). hope to hear from you soon…

  72. roxas city malinong kag manami nga city.proud to be capiznon!improve lang ang mga dalan kay kagamay kag makitid.damo pa mga dalan sa city nga kinahanglan sementohon.Good luck roxas city!

  73. Rogie De la Luna

    5 yrs na ako wala makapauli sa capiz, dis december mapauli na gid ako, miss ko na magka-un sa puto, batchoy sang teds kag litub.go go capiz!

  74. Andrew Bitoon

    im proud na dyan pinanganak ang tatay ko…d2 na kmi sa Mindanao ngayon naninirahan..Gus2 kung makapunta dyan somday!!!..Hi sa mga kamaganak namin dyan!!kmsta na kayo??.family Soriano,Fuintes,Bitoon….

  75. okay pa sa ayos sir ah…. gwapo imo pag organize sang web site…ur the best 4 me sir..

  76. It’s good to have our own website to search….

  77. castorbean

    hahaha@_@ nice !!! wala ako masabi sa site it’s nice, nice to a site to search about capiz !!!

  78. noel

    im now based in iloilo but every now and then i go home to my beloved home city. im just a little frustrated when we talk about the progress of this quaint city. why cant we move on without too much politics. Its a sad fact that even McDonald’s cannot penetrate the city because of Jollibee being franchised by the famous political family. Its just so sad to think that the people who were supposed to push for progress are the same people who hinder us to develop mainly because they have businesses to protect. I find it very intriguing why do we tolerate them for doing so. Why are we allowing them to keep us poor so they can feel we need them for our survivial. We have our own choices and we are not stupid. Sometimes, I find myself teary-eyed thinking about it. I just love this city very much that I get envious when other newer cities get a little further. I ask myself, “ngaman ya na una pa sila haw?”. I mean, this city has been a city for the longest time— 50 plus years already!!! It even came to a point that i cannot mention the name of my beloved city. its just too painful for me.

  79. Faye

    It’s nice to revisit Capiz in this website… I’m proud to be a capiznon… More power


    Elow!!!!Im prOud to be a Capizeño!I Hope that someday makauwi aku dun xa lupang aking sinalangan!MAPULI GD KU DAH!!!!!!

    • Cherry

      Hi, my dear friend. Where are you na? It’s me Cherry May B. Please text us. We miss you dearly. Take care always!


    CAPIZ is a romantic and interesting place try to visit and you can enjoy!!!!!!!!!taga CAPIZ aku!!!!!

  82. jhing

    punta n kau capiz!!!!!halina kau magrelax at mag enjoy!!!!!!

    • marg

      hi, will be in capiz this june 2011, anyone could guide us how to commute going around places of interest i.e city tour. we are 4 adults w/ 4 teenagers and 2 toddlers. is tricycle/jeepney available from roxas city airport…
      thanks for the reply…

  83. cecil

    Punta na nga ako eh sa the end of this month punta ako Roxas i’m staying there for a month, oh hali na kayo punta tayo ng Roxas sama kayo hehehe


    Hoping n wag nyo ikahiya na taga CAPIZ kau eventhough n cnasabi nila na daming Aswang xa atin!!!!!Hindi 22O un try nyo pumunta xa amin!!!!!try nyo!!!!

    • jaz andrie zyrien

      it has been made that Capiz is Capiz and it will remain Capiz in the history until will become more productive and unpolitical motivated place…. we all know that we have lots of powerful personalities from this mythical place until now i don’t believe them because we are still in the grasp of nothingness in terms of infrastructure, roads, bridges and buildings, we are still suffering that from what we called corruptions. but i know that we can make it Lupad Capiz from the soaring of progress and prosperity. addict for progression and perfection (aswang sa trabaho kag pagumwad) not ASWANG to self development. i remain as best aswang person in my place……


    most existing place!!!!!!visiit our place


    Xa mga friends and clazmayt ku try 2 visit this website!!!!!xa lhat ng gus2ng pupunta xa CAPIZ wag n kau mag alinlangan coz sulit ang vacation d2….!!!!

  87. Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your

    • Rufor.. thanks.. I do update my blogs if ihave something to post related to Capiz and Roxas City.

      • grace

        hi capizeno,
        thanks for posting a lot of beautiful places of capiz.. i really missed everything out there….im from Mambusao and im proud to be a Capiznon.. keep up the good works… goodluck!! regards to LAURILLA family in Caidquid ,greetings from Charlotte North Carolina

  88. Hi there,
    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

  89. Dandylon Basa

    Thank You!!!!!!!!

  90. PROUD gd ko yah nga maging CAPIZEÑO…thaks to GOV. VIC TANCO for hosting DUNGOG FESTIVAL….it’s so amazing gd gli ang mga yaman sang bansang PILIPINAS… especially ang aton mga KATUTUBO… dapat SALUDOHAN gd sila sa ila nga kultura…


  91. Marlon

    I missed my home town. God Bless Roxas City!

  92. I found this site using And i want to thank you for your work. You have done really very good site. Great work, great site! Thank you!

    Sorry for offtopic

  93. hi….ang ganda talaga ng roxas.. i love it

  94. i really love capiz.. sarap ng mga seafoods and i really miz to gimik in roxas city..

  95. antonio bolano

    no place like home(roxas city)

  96. antonio bolano

    ‘there’s no place like home(roxas city)’

  97. bheng of brgy. tanza

    im proud to be a capizena!
    i love seafood`s very much!!
    i can`t wait to going back home in capiz just to eat seafood…wala kasi ganyan dito sa shanghai china!!!

  98. how i miss da beautiful places of roxas city….the beautiful memories wen i was there… guys, c u soon

  99. hillo,

    Capiz..very nice one iba talaga sa amin sa jamindan. all are welcome to visit our famous cave sohoton. the best parin ang capiznon…pls. regards to all Velado & martizano. ant to all JAMINDANGANON your # one….. Roxerell Velado from Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  100. raymon billones

    hi capizeno’s I really missed u all specially our developing province, I think so… It’s about 10 years na po that never go back in our province since I graduate my course in La Purisima last march 2000.. May be on my next vacation this coming march, hopefully I will spend my time even 5 days. It’s miles away from qatar to philippines.

  101. lheng ucag

    hello sa lhat ng jamindanganon bacth:2001-2002

  102. Chief edz

    Ahemmm….! i realy missed my my hometown. big tnx for some pics! i want some more!

  103. Andrew

    Amazing guys!… I was very impressed of this site. Even this is the first time I visited it, I really missed my lupang sinilangan at kinalakihan din. Kaso nga lang, kailangan niyo pang kunan ang iba pang municipalities satin, like in my town in Mambusao, there’s a lot of improvement since I went back home last January 2009, now im here in Saudi Arabia. I really missed all the Capizenos. Hope to see some of the beautiful places in Capiz.

  104. darwin

    Wow its so amazing to see our own native land like Capiz!. Even thought they say is the city of @#$#aswa%n*g, but inside this province their is a lot of spot specially the caves, beach resort the mangrove and etc……! I can say i love Capiz! Fly high Capiz! Wahahaha….!

  105. bong ucag

    salamat po at unti unting nakikita ang ganda ng capiz!
    sana po ipakita nyo rin ang improvement ng jamindan capiz!
    ang laki ng pagbabago sobra!
    god bless you! all
    frm:eddie boy ng bulacan

  106. vk bofill

    looking forward to go home in march! a have a lot of places in my list to go to..

  107. mike marquinez

    more power sa mga capizeno ka dako na sang guin bag-o sang aton syudad from Qatar

  108. Tolitz Aclan

    Miss na miss ko na rin ang Capiz, ang lawaan….. ang ritsdel internet cape…. ang aking tambayan…..

  109. Tolitz Aclan

    Miss na miss ko na rin ang capiz… ang lawaan…. ang ritsdel internet cafe na aking tambayan…. babalik ako sa capiz…. sapagkat nasa capiz ang kaligayahan ko…. Ang nagbigay ng kulay sa buhay ng isang Batangenyo dayuhan sa Capiz.

  110. deeRan

    Can’t wait for another year to be back home again.. miss my place..

    deeRan of Qatar

  111. ang I am proud to see those beautiful pictures in capiz…. but, how i wish na sana may magawa yong mga politicians para mapaganda pa ang capiz.Gusto sana kasing maging tourist spot din yong city natin dahil mas madami pa itong places na magaganda na hindi pa nadidiscover.

    thank you……

    • Jose Aquarius Fernandez

      Sitio Po-ok, Culasi, Roxas City…… Beautiful view, when you sit in front of Jesus Christ Statue at Donya Maria Hill.

  112. Vic Dela Cruz

    I miss Roxas City! Likewise Sigma, where i spent my first four years of elementary educ. I heard a lot of good things, improvement, development of Roxas City and the more i thirst to see it with my naked eye….

    Well, to all my relatives and friends in Barra, Libas, Dayao and Mi-anay, Sigma i wish to see you. Likewise to all my mentors in Capiz State University – Dayao Campus, formerly CIT-DF.

  113. Vic Dela Cruz

    I miss Roxas City! Likewise Sigma, where i spent my first four years of elementary educ. I heard a lot of good things, improvement, development of Roxas City and the more i thirst to see it with my naked eye….

    Regards to all my relatives and friends inBarra, Libas, Dayao and Mi-anay, Sigma.

  114. cleofe

    ang ganda db . . .im proud 2 say dat i was born in capiz . .until now stil improving . . like in lolet’s eco park . . now tourist attraction xia sa capiz . . i mis roxas city most DAO . . . . and hi sa lahat ng frends k . .

  115. Joy Aclan

    Gandang araw sa tanan na taga Capiz….. na nasa labas ng Pilipinas, Mabuhay….. Pag umuwi kayo ng Capiz, Pasyal kamo sa Ritsdel Internet Cafe at sa 2nd flr. Ritsdel Beauty Saloon kung gusto naman ninyong mag pa beauty bago kayo bumalik sa ibang bansa. Kita kita tayo doon sa Ritsdel Place pag uwi natin ng Pilipinas…. Pinaka-barato sa buong Roxas.

  116. Lady_Angel

    why not pose a pic of Lolet’s EcoPark at Dao.. It is such a nice place..!

  117. jefferson

    i miss roxas city capiz, lalo na ang mga seafoods na sobrang masasarapm kelan ko kaya ulit matitikman ang tahong na napakasarap ng sabaw at ang alimango na puno ng aligi????? dayok,uga, laswa, kag inasal nga pantat. hidlaw na gd ko sobraaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. I miss capiz so much, its almost 10 years na iniwan ko ang capiz but still Im proud to be a capizinos. What ever success i may have I will boost that Im the fruit of a land with simple people,,loving people, and simple living. change will start not in our leader but change will start within our selves

  119. donalyn quijano

    i really really love capiz…

  120. che

    wer can i get the music background of capiz hymn?
    can i download it?

  121. harchelle

    wow,, nice to see capiz.. is now improving..

  122. christina

    im proud also to be a capiznon

  123. jennifer vito

    Jenny Dodoy
    16 nov. 2011
    we proud also as a capiznon pero,ang amon kalsada sa teodorica banica pakadto sa la salle d pa na cemento,tani pag puli namon cementado na!

  124. Tonsy

    Absolutely.. Nothing is more sweeter than seeing your homeland having in progress one step at a time.. Wherever we maybe still iba ang feeling pag nasa sarili kang bayan.. I Love you my CAPIZ especially LOlet’s Eco PArk in my hometown DAO..Love and God-fearing citizens should start in the heart of the church and the Community and that’s our family. If we all have this, im sure CAPIZ will soar high in no time… I love you all Capizeno.

    -Over here in the Easter Coast of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  125. Captivating pics, cool places we have, lets take of our rich biodiversity.

  126. kht 3 months lng me sa roxas na enjoy ko ang.ganda ng view lalo na sa culasi taga jan napangasawa ko

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