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DUNGOG IP Festival 2009 Photo/Picture Gallery

A sweet smile of a Bagobo girl.
An Ifugao wearing his traditional dress.
A Tausog Princess from Sultanate of Sulu

Datu Isidro A. Anae, Tribal Chieftain of Tagabawa Bagobo Tribe

Peter Begawin, Cultural Master of Kankana-ey Tribe of Benguit, Mt. Province
 A Jama Mapun woman with her musical instrument called Ambak-ambak.

Dionisio M. Valor, Tribal Chieftain of Bukidnon Tribe Assoc of Negros Occidental

An Ati Tribesmen of Panay
An Ifugao tribesmen wearing G-Strings. Kalinga Tribe playing gangsa
A Manobo-Bukidnon tribal leader


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DUNGOG: Indigenous Peoples Festival 2009 IP Houses and Profile

BENGUET ‘Abong’ (IP House)

Abong - the traditional house of Kankana-ey and Ibaloi of Benguet

Abong - the traditional house of Kankana-ey and Ibaloi of Benguet

Nipa huts were the original houses of the Kankana-ey and the Ibaloi of Benguet long before the coming of the Spaniards.  The nipa hut is still being used as a domicile today, especially in the rural areas.  It provides basic shelter from the most available and inexpensive materials and works well as protection against the wind and rain.

The house is usually elevated to shoulder height with tree stumps as protection against animals and pests.  It is compact, making it easier to keep oneself warm in the cold mountains of Benguet.  It is constructed out of bamboo, stick, wood and cogon grass.  Tied together through the use of bamboo and rattan strips, this native house can withstand the gale-force wind during typhoons that ravage the country every year.



The Kalinga Traditional House

The Kalinga Traditional House

The traditional Kalinga house, either square or rectangular, is a single room with elevated flooring.  The house interior has three sections: 1) a side section called “sipi” with a sleeping bed for two persons; 2) the middle portion called “ladak” usually divided into three parts – sleeping area, dining area, and receiving area; 3) another side section which serves as the cooking area and an open space.

The cooking area called “darpong” is a square-shaped receptacle made of wooden slabs and filled with hard clay.  It serves as the hearth.  Here, three pieces of stones forming a triangle hold pots for cooking.  Above the “darpong” is a “su-ugan” or a drying mat for palay.  The open space serves as he pounding area during the rainy season or at night time.

The “dugo,” the space  underneath the flooring, serves as a utility area – for stacking firewood, storage of farm implements, etc.  The house consists of cogon for roofing; split bamboo for flooring; spliced and woven bamboo for the walls.  It has two main doors – one leading to the house proper and the other leading to the “dugo.” Continue reading


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September 2008 Bar Exam Result

Judy A. Lardizabal 2008 Bar Topnotcher

Judy A. Lardizabal 2008 Bar Examination Topnotcher

Congratulations to all the passers of September 2008 Philippine Bar Examination. The Supreme Court had just released the result of successful 1,310 examinees as of 8pm April 3, 2009. With 20.58% passing percentage out of 6,364 takers, a law graduate from the San Sebastian College, Judy A. Lardizabal topped the Bar Exam.


The Philippine Bar Examination is the national licensure exam for the admission to the practice of law.  Associate Justice Dante Tinga chaired the 2008 bar exam.


September 2008 Bar Examination Topnotchers:


1. Lardizabal, Judy A. – San Sebastian College 85.70%
2. Amerol-Macumbal, Mylene I. – Mindanao State University 85.65%
3. Baclay, Jr., Oliver P. – Ateneo de Manila University 85.60%
4. Jala, Majesty Eve L. – Ateneo de Manila University 85.55%
5. Liceralde, Ma. Elizabeth L. – University of the Philippines 85.40%
6. Macapagal, Micael T. – University of the Philippines 84.15%
7. Dy, Denise S. – Ateneo de Manila University 84.00%
7. Regis, April Love C. – Ateneo de Manila University 84.00%
8. Tan, Christine Joy K. – Ateneo de Manila University 83.80%
9. Jacob, Jihan A. – San Beda College 83.75%
9. Velasquez, Shirley G. – University of the Philippines 83.75%
10. Raymundo, Vanessa C. – San Beda College 83.70%

Complete List of  2008 Bar Exam Passers:

1 ABABA Victoria D
2 ABAD Bernard O
3 ABAD Francis Michael C
4 ABADEZA Melissa A
5 ABALOS Christian Noel C
6 ABALOS Joseph Ryan C
7 ABALOS Mcdonald G
8 ABANTE Priscilla Marie T
9 ABARCA Jerome G
10 ABAYA Mark Francis P Continue reading


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Party loyalty? Tell that to the marines!

The so-called political season in Capiz has practically begun with some reports that this or that politician is planning to run in 2010 against an incumbent official who, ironically, also happens to be a party-mate at the Liberal Party.  And not to be outdone, the opposition in Capiz  led by former Roxas City vice mayor and defeated first district congressional candidate Alan Celino and the  group of former Agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante (which includes former  Capiz Gov. Jose “Ting”Borda, Tabby Blanco, former board member Henry Reyes, among others),  has lately become visible as if trying to send a urgent  “political message” that something is awash in 2010 insofar as the opposition ranks in Capiz are concerned.

Bolante is reportedly seriously considering running either for  congressman of the first district of Capiz or for governor.  But since Celino’s original plan  is to run against Del Rosario for their much-awaited second bout, Bolante may yet  opt for the governorship.  But this may depend on the decision of last term second district congressman Fredenil Castro, who is also believed to be eyeing  the top Capitol post. Will Castro give up his gubernatorial ambition in favor of Bolante?   And, is Castro now willing to severe his ties with Senator Mar Roxas by going against the perceived reelection bid of incumbent governor Tanco who, it is believed, remains to be “pet” of the Roxases?

Indeed, will the senator and his mother, Judy Araneta-Roxas, “give” the Capitol post on a silver platter to a non-LP supporter?   I can almost imagine them protesting  in unison: “over our dead bodies!”

But what is surprising is the reported plan of former Panay mayor and now Vice Gov. Felipe Barredo, an LP stalwart,  to run for  congressman of the Continue reading


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Are Capiceños ready to ‘gamble’ on Joc Joc Bolante?

P728 MILLION FERTILIZER FUND SCAM: Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas (right) confronts beleaguered former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn "Joc-Joc" Bolante during Thursday's Senate blue ribbon committee investigation into the P728-million fertilizer fund scam. Roxas rejected Bolante's testimony that President Arroyo was never involved in the P728-million fertilizer fund scam.

Okey.  We, Filipinos, in general, and Capiceños, in particular, have very short memories. We easily forgive and forget. But will this kind of mentality  work in favor  of former agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante, believed to be the architect of the P728-millon fertilizer scam, when the controversial Capiceño from Dao, Capiz  finally decides to throw his hat into the political ring?

As of presstime, the buzz was that Bolante is  all set to run for governor in Capiz in  next year’s election.  Should this happen, he will face the likely candidate of the powerful Roxas clan — incumbent Gov. Victor Tanco,  who is expected to seek a second term under the Liberal Party.   Of course,Tanco alone could make himself win the election.  Though he  is popular and has charisma, still it boils down to such factors as enough  campaign funds and greater political influence.   And this is where the role of Sen. Mar Roxas ll and his mother, Judy Araneta-Roxas, comes in.

Bolante’s latest saga could actually be interpreted as a challenge not to Tanco but to the leadership of the Roxases in Capiz. Which means that any Bolante victory could be Continue reading

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Capizeños land in Top 10 in November 2008 Nursing Licensure Examination

Ms. Josephine Celoso Elvas, a 21 year old nursing graduate of Filamer Christian College, and Mr. Garry Jay Avelino Delfin of Panitan, Capiz tops the November 2008 Nursing Licensure Examination. josephine-elvas-gradMs. Elvas is the daughter of Constancio Elvas and Juana Celoso of Brgy. Daga, Panay Capiz while Mr. Delfin is a graduate of Iloilo Doctors College. Both with a rating of 86.80%, Josephine and Garry where ranked as Top 8 on the Nursing Licensure Examination given last November 29-30, 2008.

Professional Regulatory Commission has announced at least 39,455 or 44.51% out of 88,649 examinees that took the November 2008 Nursing Board have passed. Jovie Ann Alawas Decoyna of Baguio Central University topped the board, with 89 percent.

Josephine took her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Filamer Christian College (FCC) in Roxas City last March 2008 where in she had been an Academic Awardee from SY 2004-2006 and Rank 7 out of 370 graduates of the college in SY 2007-2008 . She finished her secondary education at Capiz National High School Continue reading


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Joc Joc Bolante: A Capizeño


Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn "Joc-joc" BolanteJocelyn “Joc-joc” Bolante, former Undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture, was a native of Dao, Capiz. Born on August 27, 1951. His parents are Vicente Bolante, Sr. and Salvacion Isada (both deceased).     His siblings were Vicente Jr., Anabelle  and Cecilia.  Anabelle and Cecilia live in Iloilo, while Vicente Jr. stayed at their family’s ancestral home at Poblacion, Dao, Capiz. Joc joc resides at Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa City.


In the year 2001, Joc-Joc Bolante was appointed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as Agriculture Undersecretary for Finance and Administration.  Performed his duty for nearly 3 years and then decided to resign on September 6, 2004.  In his letter he stated that he is unable to give his full allegiance to the Department of Agriculture (DA) post because of his function as elected Board of Directors of Rotary International for Asia and Pacific Region. He was also connected to GSIS as one of the boards after his resignation.


 Bolante is tagged as the brains of the P728-million fertilizer fund scam. Continue reading


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THE CAPIZEÑOS: March of Excellence

And since the character of Capizeños has been molded through the years in the crucible of excellence, Capiz and Capizeños have nowhere to go but on the top of the heap, so to speak.  

     In her universally acclaimed magnum opus, THE MARCH OF FOLLY(New York:  Ballatine Books, 1984), Professor Barbara W. Tuchman, eminent American historian, and two-time winner of Pulitzer Prize, chronicles the turning points in history that illustrate the very heights of the acts of folly – the Trojan War, the breakup of the Holy See provoked by Renaissance Popes, the loss of the American Colonies by Britania’s George III, and the United States own persistent folly in Vietnam.  Professor Tuchman defines folly as the pursuit of policies or goals contrary to one’s own interests, despite the availability of feasible alternatives. 

      According to Professor Tuchman, “a phenomenon noticeable throughout history regardless of place of period is the pursuit by government than of almost any other human activity.  In this sphere, wisdom, which may be defined as the exercise of judgment acting on experience, common sense and available information, is less operative and more frustrated than it should be.  Why do holders of high office so often act contrary to the way reason points and enlightened self-interest suggests, why does intelligent mental process seem so often not to function?” 

      In contrast to the march of folly by other people, the distinctive feat among Capiceños is the pursuit of excellence in varied fields of endeavors and vocations.  It seems to appear that throughout the ages, Capiceños have pursued goals, professions and carriers with dogged determination and excellent performance.  Continue reading


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