Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz - Seafood Capital of the Philippines

Captivating Capiz - Seafood Capital of the Philippines

Captivating Capiz is dubbed as “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”, “Garden Capital of Western Visayas” and soon to be the “Center of “Seafood Trip Tourism” in the Philippines” and even to those unfamiliar and unacquainted with this serene and special place, the reasons are obvious and well deserved for them to know what is enchanting Capiz.



“Captivating Capiz” is the provincial governments’ development vision or battle cry to promote the Captivating scene of sunset at Capiz Bayprovince as a tourist destination and envisioned to be the “Eco-Cultural Tourism Hub in Central Philippines”.  Tourism development and promotion is one of the major thrusts of the administration of Hon. Victor Tanco, Governor of Capiz.



Capiz is one the five provinces of Panay Island, Western Visayas. Located 375 miles southwest of Manila, 136 kilometers northwest of Iloilo City and 86 kilometers east of Kalibo, Aklan, once a part of the early Malay settlement known as Aklan. It is composed of 16 municipalities, 1 chartered city (Roxas City) and 472 barangays. Its capital, Roxas City is the seat of the provincial and city governments and center of trade. Capiz’ topography varies from rolling lands and hills to mountain peaks and ranges. Entrancing Capiz was divided into two (2) districts:

  • 1st District
    • Roxas City, Panay, Panit-an, Pontevedra, Pres. Roxas, Pilar, Maayon
  • 2nd District


CAPTIVATING CAPIZ – Travel and Transportation


Captivating Festival of Capiz, Sinadya sa HalaranTravel time to Roxas City is 45 minutes by plane and around 16 hours by ship from Manila. From Iloilo City, it is approximately 2 hours by bus or private car. It will take approximately 4 hours travel going to Boracay Island by land. There are two (2) airlines operating in Roxas City (RXS): Philippine Airlines (PAL)  and Cebu Pacific. PAL has daily schedule flight from Roxas-Manila and Manila-Roxas, while Cebu Pacific has a schedule 3x a week.  Approximately 2 to 3 hours travel would spent from Roxas City to Iloilo International Airport at Santa Barbara, Iloilo.

The primary transportation vehicle used in Roxas City and other municipalities in captivating Capiz is the Tricycle.  An P8.00 fare per passenger could be charged when you ride a tricycle within the City. “Capiz Cab”, the city’s new taxi that plys Roxas City and the 16 municipalities of the Capiz with a flagdown rate of P30.00 with a maximum of 5 passengers.  Capiz Cabs,  are the first receipt-issuing taxis in the Philippines apart from those operating out of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. As of now, there where 5 Capiz cabs that operates in the province.

Capiz is part of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway, which is a major tourism gateway in Western Visayas, as well as the Central Philippines Super Region which has been acknowledge by President Arroyo as the country’s tourism belt.   Roll On-Roll Off (Ro-Ro) buses are operating to fetch passengers from Roxas City to Manila (Cubao or Pasay) via Catiklan, Aklan-Mindoro-Batangas-Manila.

PAL and Cebu Pacific Airlines Flight Schedules
from Roxas City, Capiz (RXS) – Manila (MNL) – Roxas City, Capiz

There are two Airline companies that serves Roxas City.  The Philippine Airlines (PAL) (Tel No. 6210-618) and Cebu Pacific Air (Tel. No. 6214-548). Fare rates varies depending on their promotion campaign. Philippine Airlines has a daily schedule flight from Roxas City-Manila and Manila to Roxas City while Cebu Pacific has a daily flight schedule from Roxas City to Manila and Manila to Roxas City.

Airlines Dept. Arrival Flight Schedule Fare (as of Oct. 13, 2008)
PAL – RXS to MNL (NAIA Terminal 2) 07:25am 08:35am PR190 M,T,W,Th,F,S,S  
PAL – MNL to RXS 05:30am 06:45am PR189 M,T,W,Th,F,S,S  
Cebu Pacific – RXS to MNL (Domestic) 10:30nn 11:30pm 5J-374 M,T,Th,W,F,S,S  
Cebu Pacific – MNL to RXS 09:00am 10:00am 5J-373 M,T,Th,W,F,S,S  

CAPTIVATING CAPIZ – Festivities / Fiestas

Sinadya sa Halaran is a merging of the Roxas City Fiesta “Sinadya” and the Province celebration of “Halaran”. “Sinadya sa Halaran” is a commemoration of the feast of the patroness of Roxas City which is the Immaculate Concepcion and a thanksgiving. It literally means “Joy in Sharing and Thanksgiving” . Rituals and festivities of every municipalities where captivated in this occasion.  Fireworks, grand parade, fluvial processions, fair and food festival, street dancing, and exhibits are some of the things to see of this event.

Every municipalities has its own festivities and fiesta, such as Buylogonay of Ivisan, Capiz (1st Week of September) , Hil-o-hanay of Sigma, Capiz (June 24), Linga-anay of Panay, Capiz (May 4), Balintawakan of Pontevedra, Capiz (May 15), Dinagsa and Ikin-ikin Festival of Dumalag, Capiz (Last Sunday of January and Nov. 11), Padagyaw of Dumarao, Capiz (August 5),  Inilusan Festival of Mambusao, Capiz (Nov. 20-25), Tilibyugan Festival of Sapi-an, Capiz (July 26), Agdahanay Festival of Cuartero, Capiz (June 13, 2008), Hil-0 hil-o Festival of Maayon, Capiz (Feb. 23) and Sina-ot Festival of President Roxas, Capiz.


CAPTIVATING CAPIZ – Simply Bewitching


Captivating mystic beauty of sunsetDiscover the mystic beauty of enchanting Capiz. Catch a wave on the wide powdery gray-sand beaches of Bay bay and Olutayan Island where a fascinating sunset and stunning view to die for can be seen. As your feet squeak with each step as you walk across the fine powdery gray sand, enjoy the sand caressing between your toes. This is the ultimate place to go barefoot and enjoy the casual laid back life style. It is very relaxing and therapeutic. There are different places to be visited when you are in Capiz and Roxas City.

St. Martin of Tours Parish, Dumalag, Capiz


Explore its isolated coves at Tinagung Dagat. Spelunking the caves of Pilar,Suhot, Igang and Suhoton and be captivated by its mystery.




Visit the majestic century old churches like Sta. Monica Parish Churchat Pan-ay, Capiz where the biggest church bell in Asiamade of silver coins could be found and St. Martin of Tours Parish at Dumalag, Capiz, the oldest church in captivating Capiz.





Biggest Bell in Asia, Sta. Monica Parish Church, Pan-ay, Capiz


CAPTIVATING CAPIZ – Seafood Capital of the Philippines


Relish the inviting seafood that will captivate your taste while watching the sunset at Baybay beachAlluring Capiz is abundant with seafood found on its rich marine fishing ground. Savor the taste of mouth watering, tempting, fresh, safe, yummy, plentiful and cheap seafood, such as oysters or “talaba”, clams, mussel, greenshell or “tahong”,” angel wings or “diwal”, milk-fish or “bangrus”, king crab or “alimango”, blue crab or “kasag”, shrimp or “pasayan”, prawn or “lukon”, squid, tangigue, scallops, seaweeds or “gulaman”, lobster and Lapu-lapu. These seafood where served at restaurants located at Baybay beach. Our seafood is the freshest and the tastiest you will ever experience and truly captivating.

Cutflower and Dried Fish industry captivates business economy of CapizCapiz is also known for its cutflower production and marketing.  Orchids, heliconias, anthuriums, roses, and other ornamental plants are suitable for reproduction in the province. Having a 400-hectare site ready for contract-growing arrangements, the cutflower industry is poised to become a major income-earner for the province and attracts investors mostly from Japan.



Your experience in visiting mezmerizing Capiz will not be completed without bringing home dried fish pasalubong such as  “Tabagak”, “uga” or “tuyo” and dried squid or “pusit”, also banana crackers, banana chips , fresh lumpia and “dayok”.  All these can be bought in Balay Capiznon, Banica market and Teodoro Arcenas Trade Center.


CAPTIVATING CAPIZ – Cultural and Social Life


Enticing Capiz is a great place to live. This is the birthplace of Pres. Manuel A. Roxas, the 1st President of the Philippine Republic, the grandfather of Sen. Mar Roxas. Feel the truly charming experience of a gentle, affectionate and hospitable welcome of at least 701,644 Capiceños that would really captivate your heart.  Affordable hotels, lodging houses and beach resorts are available within and outside the city. Human interaction is far and away the most important value of Capiznon, and people take time to say hello to neighbours or to make small talk with clerks and tricycle drivers.

Dagway Sigmahanon, Inc or DSI, a community based theater from Sigma, Capiz is one of the most-sought after cultural group in Capiz and in the country in recent years, is into advocacy on social issues through the performing arts. Performers are out-of-school youth, students and professionals.  DSI garnered awards in promoting tourism and in cultural presentation. The group likewise represented the Province of Capiz in WOW! Philippines (2003,2005), Intramuros, Manila, 2006 and 2007 Western Visyas Regional Tourism Assembly as well as in various theater festivals in the country. DSI is finalist in the Best Cultural Group Category in 21st Aliw Awards.

A cultural presentation “Saot Capiz”-The First Capiz Dance Season is held every Saturday 6:00pm at Capiz Provincial Park, Roxas City. This was participated by the different Performing Groups in the Province of Capiz.

Captivating Capiz - Seafood Capital of the Philippines
Captivating Capiz – Seafood Capital of the Philippines

Capisnons’ humbly invites you to enjoy a lower cost of living and the simple pleasures of high quality of life and be fascinated by its real and natural beauty. A wonderful place to unwind and to discover the things this splendid place has to offer. Come and visit Roxas City, Capiz and experience a worthwhile vacation in our captivating place.

We gladly invite you to experience our distinct hospitality, shaped by the fascinating blend of its unique culture and captivating scenery.  With its warm and friendly people awaits you.”

Gov. Victor A. Tanco
Governor of Capiz, Philippines



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